Menu For Valima At Jewel Banquet Masab Tank

Menu For Valima At Jewel Banquet Masab Tank

Occasion: Valima Ceremony

No. of Guests: 70 

Venue: Jewel Banquet – Masabtank, Hyderabad

Elite Catering Service was chosen by our client for his Valima Reception.

The Venue was Jewel Banquet at Masabtank, Hyderabad

Total guest count was around 70 considering the COVID-19 effect.

The Menu is as follows:

 Catering Menu for Hyderabadi Valima:


 Green Salad


 Chicken Tandoori

 Sesame Chicken 

 Crispy Fish

 Chilli Prawns


 Mutton Marag


 Dum Ka Murgh

 Green Chicken


 Naan for Marag

 Rumali Roti for Gravies


 Zafrani Mutton Biryani

 Dahi ki chatni & Mirchiyon ka Salan


 Khubani Ka Meetha

 Kashmiri Rabdi


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Would like to host similar feast for the guests on your reception? Then head straight to Elite Caterers with your requirements, our team will with your efficiently to make your reception a truly memorable affair for your and the guests.

Catering Menu For Saree Ceremony At Bandlaguda

Catering Menu For Saree Ceremony At Bandlaguda

Occasion: Saree Ceremony

No. of Guests: 100 pax

Venue: Indu Aranya Pallavi – Bandlaguda, Hyderabad

Recently we offered the Elite Catering Service for Saree Ceremony at Bandlaguda. Total guest count was around 100 considering the COVID-19 effect.

The service was including full catering service which included Buffet Setup, servers & waiters, serveware and food all in all in our scope.

The Menu is as follows:

Catering Menu for Saree Ceremony:

Welcome Drinks

Fruit Punch

Strawberry Punch


Green Salad

Russian Salad

Chana Chat


Mutton Seekh Kabab

Chicken Tandoori

Chicken 65

Apollo Fish

Crispy Fish

Chilli Lose Prawns

Veg Spring Roll (VEG)

Zafrani Paneer Tikka (VEG)

Baby Corn Manchuria (VEG)


Pure Potla Mutton Marag

Veg Corn Soup (VEG)


Mutton / Gosh Rogan Josh

Dum Ka Murgh

Paneer Butter Masala

Veg Nizami (VEG)


Naan for Marag

Rumali Roti for Gravies


Zafrani Mutton Biryani

Veg Biryani (VEG)

Dahi ki chatni & Mirchiyon ka Salan


Khubani Ka Meetha

Kaddu Ki Kheer

Gajar Ka Halwa

Ice Cream


Plain Rice

Sambar (VEG)

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Would like to host similar feast for the guests on your reception? Then head straight to Elite Caterers with your requirements, our team will with your efficiently to make your reception a truly memorable affair for your and the guests.

Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Party

Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Party

50 Pax Menu For Parties

Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Party:

Entertaining others in our home with great food and good company brings us so much joy but as a seasoned caterer, we know planning any part is not so easy when you go deep into it. Food alone requires menu to decide, shopping, meals to cook, entertaining the guests, serving the food, clean-up once the party is over etc. and this is just for the food part, if we consider all aspects of the party like venue, décor, entertainment etc, the to-do list will seem endless. So in summary hosting the party in actual is kind of complicated affair. 

Parties are for fun and entertainment with friends & family, and the most important thing is getting to spend quality time with them, which at seems to be compromised when you are hosting an all DIY Party. That said, we have got some ideas based on our years of experience to make your party a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

1. Determine the Guest Count:

The very first thing for you is to decide the number of guests for the party, nd check if you can accommodate this crowd at your home or you need to book a banquet hall for the party. With the current setup of Flat system, hosting the party at the flat makes the set-up bit congested, there’re a lot of party banquet halls in Hyderabad for small parties, you can easily get one.

Hosting a party in the banquet hall comes with its own benefits like you get experienced staff, you need not worry for lighting and overall ambience asper your party theme, Parking is taken care-off, clean & maintained, with AC option, dining hall set-up etc, hence going with banquet instead of hosting at home will save you lots of time & efforts.

(Read: How-To-Choose-A-Venue)

Dining table at Wedding Venue Hyderabad

 2. Plan The Menu:

When planning the menu accommodate the guests with special preferences. Like If someone doesn’t eat sea food, add chicken & meat starters. For Green lovers, arrange hearty veggies. If someone doesn’t or can’t drink cool drinks, why not arrange fresh drinks or even soft drinks for them to enjoy. The same goes for any other food or drink restrictions, in summary just ensure everyone is be able to enjoy the party.


 3. Vendors:

When we prefer the best in everything, why not hire professionals for the Party! A professional Party planner or caterer, photographer or Decorator will take the responsibility off your shoulder and ensure the party is executed with perfection.

4. Do Not Forget the Kids:

If you’re expecting kids at your party, set-up some fun activities to keep the kids busy. Games, fun activities, or even just having a dedicated children area will keep them occupied.

Salads spread in valima dinner catering menu

 5. Start The Party Right-away:

Nobody likes waiting around, if part of the guests has arrived and most have not, still it’s nice to go ahead with the party and welcome the guests with snacks and drinks as they keep coming. Let those arrived already feel more comfortable digging into the delicious and welcome drinks & appetizers.

welcome drinks for hyderabad catering

6. Do Not Leave Your Guests Hanging:

If it’s a DIY party with food being cooked by you, don’t leave the guests just on their own while you in the kitchen best is to alternate int the kitchen & the party hall so at least one of you is always with your guests.

If its feasible, best is to hire a catering company with full service option, the caterer has a team of professional waiters & servers so you’d need not make rounds b/w the dining and the kitchen, thus leaving you with the guests.

welcome drinks for hyderabad catering

7. Clean up, clean up: 

If the Party is at home ensure before the party the dishwasher is empty and ready for filling as soon the party is over, this will make clean-up so much faster.

8. Get the party started:

The party attitude starts with you! Don’t take things too seriously, simply stay relaxed and cheerful. Set aside some time for yourself to relax and recharge your batteries before the party starts so by the time your guests arrive, you’re ready to have fun! Remember, it’s not only about your guests but you enjoying the party as well.

wedding hall

Looking for professional catering company for your upcoming party? Contact Elite Caterers and our team will ensure you have a stress- free event as far as the catering part is concerned.

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Reviews from Elite’s Clients:

Last week (9 of Muharram) , we had an important family gathering in Hyderabad, as we are based in Dubai, it was quite difficult for us to choose a caterer from Dubai. So we did a good amount of research on the internet for best caterers in Hyderabad..

That’s how we came across Elite Caterers, looking at its online presence across major platforms on the internet we realized they’re among most reputed caterers in Hyderabad with amazing customer reviews on the Google and their YouTube Channel and this is what we wanted – a reputed caterer whom we can trust as we were still in Dubai.. Finally we decided to give our catering Order to Elite Caterers. And we are very much satisfied with their work. From food to Service – everything was perfect and exactly as we were looking for.. Thanks Mohammed Ismail and team of Elite Caterers for their effort.

Mohammed Shabber


The food served by Elite Caterers is an absolute, lip smacking sumptuous Feast to our taste buds, the relishing platter they serve is an absolute delight to every foodie. Truly Hospitable to the core, Very Professional, quick response and Customer friendly.

I give them a 5 on 5. I personally recommend them to all.

Vijay Mathews


Catering Food Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Party

Catering Food Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Party

50 Pax Menu For Parties

Catering Food Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Party:

Hiring Professional Caterer for Kid’s Birthday Party is a great idea to make the party a success. The caterer will take care of food part, which is the most important element of any event/ gathering as food is also the major factor in deciding the success of your party. 

Guests will visit you to shower blessings however they’re also attending the event for the food feast which they’re expecting at your birthday party event. Therefore, presenting them with flavorful and rich taste food will be incumbent on the host. And to make this happen you don’t need to spend hours in deciding the menu and shopping around, then cooking and presenting.

Simply hire a professional caterer they’ll do the job while you get to enjoy with your guests.

Although food menu should be based on the specific event, its time, location, theme and most importantly the budget, the catering ideas we are sharing here will help to make your birthday party even more memorable, these party ideas will not only delight your kids but will also impress your adult guests.

1. Finger Foods:

Finger-foods have always been the favorite among children, and as the birthday party is for kids why not include 3-4 finger foods. Cheesy Corn Triangles, Cheese & Jalapeno Poppers, Tandoori Chicken Popcorn, Stick Chicken, Crunchy Chicken Nuggets, Crispy Fries etc., The kids will love gobbling up these finger-foods.

Luqmi kabab in wedding dinner menu

 2. Food Stations:

If you are hosting the function at home, adding food stations with platters throughout the space in your Hall will definitely be your party go-to for kids and adults alike. And if you have facility of outdoor garden or Terrace option, you can take it a step further by adding Live food stations of Kebabs, chat or even fun food stations like pop-corn, candy floss, chocolate fountain etc. These options are perfect for any type of party.

Or If your guest list is big and hard to accommodate at home, you can simply book a banquet to serve the purpose. Lately, there has been a huge rise in Banquet halls in Hyderabad with different seating capacity (small parties to even wedding receptions can be easily accommodated in these halls), so you can easily find one in any of your desired locality with various options like AC hall, Valet Parking etc., depending on your budget.

(If you’re finding difficulty, request a call back from Elite Caterers and one of our team members will assist you in arranging a banquet hall as well as help you with catering options for the birthday party) 

(Read: how-to-choose-wedding-venue)

Non Veg Platter Starter for Valima dinner

 3. Variety:

When it comes to people of India, we are known to be die-hard foodies, therefore food choices are vast at Indian functions. Mughlai & Chinese are most common yet likable by the masses, however if your budget allows you can offer Italian or American food Stations.

You can find a lot of decent options to included at your event like Pasta, Pizza, Garlic bread, Burgers etc. While in Chinese, adding it as live food station will surely be a crowd pleaser at your event.

Another great option would be to add Welcome Drinks & welcome snacks with 2-3 flavors, this will be refreshing to the guests as they arrive at the venue.

We understand you want everything to be perfect at your kid’s birthday party. Therefore, the above suggestions, we bet will win over even the pickiest eater. 

When you choose an experienced caterer – like Elite Caterers for your birthday party catering service – you’ll have limitless possibilities with food & Presentation ideas.

Contact us today to learn more about these and other catering options for your upcoming party.

Salads spread in valima dinner catering menu

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Reviews from Elite’s Clients:

Food was mouthwatering good. Our wedding guests loved the food. I highly recommend their services. They arranged Pans too. They were all wearing masks n too care of hygiene n social distancing too..



The caterer was professional in every aspect . It was my sister’s wedding and I was a bit apprehensive about how would it happen in serving the food and also maintaining the sanitizing , but it crossed all my expectations . Mohammed ji was so good and professional that everyone praised me . Thank you elite caterers for the food .



Catering Tips For Hosting A Party At Home

Catering Tips For Hosting A Party At Home

Catering Tips for Hosting Party at Home:

Due to Covid, more and more functions are being held at home, whether its a birthday party or  wedding dinner party for 50 guests, lots of our clients are preferring to host the party at their homes and not in the banquet halls.  If you are also planning to host / catering a party for 50 at home, follow the tips outlined below to help you get prepared for your next event.

If you’re looking for party menu for 50 guests, Elite Caterers have just what you’re looking for, follow below links for veg, non-veg and mix menu options. 

Party Menu For 50 Guests

(Ideal for 50-100pax during this Covid Lockdown)

Tip 1 – Menu Planning:

Planning the menu is the first step for any event. For this you need to consider certain factors like number of guests and what are their preferences ie, Pure Veg,  Non veg or Mix. Next is, are there any guests with restrictions or are allergic to any food ingredients. 

Other aspect to consider is how you’re planning to serve, is it going to be a Buffet Setup or a seated meal or you’re looking only for the food delivery options.

Valima Dinner menu

Tip 2 – Finalize The Caterer weeks ahead:

We all know, food can make or break your event, no matter with how much of sophistication you have executed your event, if the food isn’t up to the mark, your event will terribly fail. And you definitely do not want this to happen at your party because primarily people come to enjoy the food. For this reason hiring the best caterer in the city is the way to go. A professional catering company have years of experience so hiring one at your event will add value to your party.

If you’ve shortlisted the caterers (based on Written & Video testimonials and Google Rating), finalize one among them and hire the caterer immediately and do not postpone till the end, You don’t know if your chosen caterer will be available on your dates when you approach them next. In addition to this, by booking the catering service much ahead of your event will give sufficient time to the caterer for planning your event on the execution part like sourcing the supreme quality ingredients etc, because last minute work will not guarantee the finest quality ingredients which are usually sourced from vendors who import these, which otherwise may lead to low quality local ingredients which will affect the taste.    

Book the caterer at least 4-6 weeks ahead of your event sit back and relax. If you worry for any changes to the menu, you always have the option of modifications till a week before the event.

Tip 3 – Table Setup:

Dining hall setup can be discussed by your wedding planner and the Caterer, your caterer will coordinate with your Wedding planner for the arrangement. If you’re not hiring a wedding planner then discuss with your caterer, their team will take care of everything. They’ll visit the site and plan how to setup the dining area in the best way which allows for free circulation / movement in the Hall around the tables keeping the social distancing norms in to consideration during this pandemic.

Catering a party for 50guests
Dining decor of a wedding planner in Hyderabad

Tip 4 – Arrangements:

In case of buffet setup, place the crockery Cutlery at their respective place that make sense. The Buffet Setup these days comes in various Styles from Fancy to elegant based on the budget & theme of your party. Discuss with your caterer for the options available with them and pick one that best suits your theme.

Tip 5 – Serving Utensils:

Serving utensils should always be appropriate to the dish. Tongs for dry items like Kababs, Starters, cut fruits and vegetables. Ladles (serving spoons) for mains. Place quarter plates next to chafing dishes to keep the ladles & tongs. If you are hiring a caterer with full service, you don’t have to worry about all these. The caterer will take care of every aspect from food to serving to cleanup.

wedding reception catering

Lastly, follow below basic points as well.

1 Ensure the trash cans are arranged at convenient places.

2 Due to Covid, it is best to use disposable crockery & cutlery, encourage the guests to use the trash cans to dispose of their used items.

3 Put lots of napkins at multiple points for easier access to your guests.

4 Arrange sanitizing station at entry & exit of the dining Hall

5 Display Hygiene Guidelines in the dining hall for your guests to follow.

Read our blog “Safety Measures for Hosting Wedding during Covid

Party Menu For 50 Guests

(Ideal for 50-100pax during this Covid Lockdown)
Veg & Non Veg Catering Services Hyderabad

Veg & Non Veg Catering Services Hyderabad

Planning a Party @ Home?

Food is one of the elements on which the success of any party depends. While we understand you have to handle lot of things while hosting a party at home, we have your back when it comes to food. For Housewarming ceremonies to Birthday parties or simple gatherings of 50 pax, Elite Caterers have delicious offering for your function.

You can choose to host your party at your home – with a cozy seating arrangement inside or Outside or on Terrace with live Catering Option. Outside catering best goes with Live Stations of Grills & Kababs and Buffet setup, while for covered dining, seated option is the best. 

Elite Caterers have 3 set menus for small party orders for clients with different menu options namely Non-Veg menu, Pure Vegetarian Menu for Vegetarian Clients and Mix Veg & Non-Veg menu option for Clients who want to relish both Veg & Non veg Delicacies.

Menu For Small Party Orders!

Pure Veg

Non-Veg Menu

Mix Veg & Non Veg

Menu For Large Orders

Go an Extra Step & Make Your Party Great.

Full Service @ your party: Pleasure of eating along with your guests is all that one wants. Every Host loves to throw a good party, but planning, organizing and hosting makes it exhausting. So, having a full-service catering is great idea though. Take this chance to impress your guests with great culinary flavors, and awesome presentations designed to delight.

Taking a full-service catering will ensure, you’ve got time to arrange the decors and other hosting formalities. Additionally, when the food is being served, you need not run to the kitchen to refill the dishes, you can relish the food at the dining table with guests! And lastly, instead of worrying about washing dishes & clean-up, you can wave goodbye to your guests, and relax while everything is taken care by us.

With full-service catering, all the hassle of stewards/waiters, bringing expensive of serve-ware, then serving to guests, and subsequent cleaning is all eliminated. Don’t think too much, simply take our full-service catering for your event. Full-service catering option is bit pricey and if you are on budget, you can opt for partial service: 

Only Service (Waiters): Eat along with your guests and book waiters to take care of the nitty-gritties and service. 1 for every 20 people is recommended.

Crockery & Cutlery @ your party: If you want to personally serve the guests and do not require any waiters/service, but are in two minds regarding bringing out expensive Chinaware or worried about the hassle of subsequent cleaning up. You can hire our crockery & cutlery from Elite Caterer and make your dining table look elegant.


  • We do not offer tasting session.
  • Client should arrange tables, table cloth, frills and wash basins by default. Inform Elite Caterers if you require all this from us.
  • For full-service catering, we provide Plates, chafing dishes, Serving Bowls, Spoons, Glasses and other items required in dining Section.
  • If the function held in function halls, Client should arrange crockery/Cutlery, Utensils, tables and Electricity etc.
  • Party order will be taken minimum 50 persons.
  • For live item’s order should be minimum 100 persons.

Call Now To Book / Discuss Your requirement.

We make the Food,You make the Memories! 

Experience The Excellence

Why should you choose Elite Caterers?

Your imagination is our playground! With inspired design and careful attention to detail, our creative team will make sure your party is fun and unforgettable. Whether you are planning your own birthday party or throwing a surprise party for a loved one, you can rest assured that everything will be just perfect.

For You

We understand how important for you the event is and how concerned you are for your reputation with regards to giving good experience to your guests. We take this responsibility off your shoulders, so that you need not worry an ounce. 

With Elite Caterers you are guaranteed to experience the highest level of professional catering service and best-in delicious cuisine.

For Your Guests

Give your guests a dining experience of time with the finest food – an array of bright, colorful & flavorful choices and a wide range of unmatched catering services for all occasions of all budget types. 

Our Service Area

We provide service to any location, from your own backyard to Terrace Parties, parks and halls.

With Elite Caterers in the house, your party will be the talk of the town

Don’t just take our word, See what our clients have to say:

We are extremely happy that we chose your catering service. Food was as amazing as it could be, it had our guests raving about how tasty and yummy all the dishes were. Service was at it’s best as well and a special mention about Mr. Mohammed Ismail who has taken care of everything so wonderfully.

Guys, do not have a second thought if you are trying ‘Elite Caterers’ for the first time, can surely assure that you are not going to be disappointed. Please keep up the good work you all and looking forward to your service at our future events. 

Dr. Meghna Reddy (Host)

Elite caterers – Mr. Ismail and team are highly recommended. We reserved their services from Canada, for a wedding in Hyderabad, and their services did not disappoint at all. Ismail takes great care to know what your needs for your special event are, and his team goes above and beyond to deliver an amazing experience and food that you wont forget! We connected with them to arrange the food for a wedding, and the service and quality was nothing short of the best. I wish Mr. Ismail and the team at Elite Caterers the very best and look forward to having them for more of my family’s events

Susheel George (Host)

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