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Gone are the days, when people would hire a bawarchi for the weddings and self-cook for smaller parties, now every small or big event in Hyderabad is given to the Catering Companies in order to get the best catering services.

When it comes to success of any event, food is one primary deciding factor. Do not agree? Try to recollect the last wedding you were invited, now remember the décor & entertainment of the party. Are you able to remember this clearly or the food experience you’ve had at that party? Anyone who attends a party whether or not remembers the décor & entertainment, surely remember how remarkable or not their meal was. Make sense? Take our word, with years of experience in this field, Elite Caterers knows the food can make and break the event.

Therefore, it is of vitality that one chooses the best catering service for their event. After all, the event is not just about you. It’s about your guests’ experience.

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That said, you be a picky eater, needn’t be necessary, but you should be picky when it comes to hiring catering companies. Choosing the best catering services can be tricky. Therefore, we share here some tips to help you find the best catering services for your event.

  1. Decide the type of catering service you require

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How formal is the event?
  • What is the size of the event?
  • What kind of food you’ll be serving the guests?
  1. Choosing Appropriate Venue

Ask questions to yourself:

  • The type of venue you’ve chosen to host the event.
  • What are the seating arrangements in the dining hall?
  • Does the venue’s kitchen & dining hall meet the Caterer’s requirement?
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3. Selecting the best caterer

Factors involved in deciding

  1. Type of Catering



  1. Specialization of the Catering Company

Corporate Events

Wedding catering

Personal events like small parties, intimate gatherings

Specialized in all types

  1. Service style the caterer is expert in

Plated dinner service


Food Stations

Family Style

Live Stations

Light casual fare for finger foods

  1. Is the catering company professional?
  2. Is the company proficient in handling your type of catering service?

Specialized in smaller intimate-type social events.

Specialized in serving large corporate events

Specialized in large wedding catering

4. Questions to ask the Caterer:

  • Is the Caterer having additional events on the day of your event?
  • What size events does the catering company usually execute?
  • What is the crowd size the caterer can accommodate?
  • Can the Caterer provide reference of catering similar events?
  • Is the catering company Familiar with the Venue – Have they worked at the venue previously, if they’re not familiar ensure they’re able to work location.
  • Does the catering company provide equipment, serve-ware, linens, etc.
  • Is the catering company able to provide and set dinnerware?
  • How long it takes for the company to set up and break down?
  • What time the caterer needs need access to the venue?
  • Are delivery logistics considered in the Caterer’s scope?
  • What services are included in the quote?
  • What services are not included in the quote?
  • Is there any overtime fees to be aware of or any hidden charges?
  • In case of full-service event, will the caterer provide buffet set-up including chafing dishes?
  • Can the caterer provide photos of past events?
  • Will the catering company provide references of past clients?
  • Can the catering company supply or refer someone to arrange extra items like Dining Hall Décor, Fancy Linen, serveware, lon-ste chefs etc to enhance the dining experience of the guests.

catering service at kondapur

This is all, following these simple yet effective tips will get you the best catering service at your next event.

Elite Caterers is known for delivering the best catering services in Hyderabad for years. With us as your official caterer, you can be sure about the whole event is covered from welcome drinks to goodbyes from caring and experienced staff of Elite Caterers.

Contact Elite Caterers to discuss your Walima Catering Services.

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