For The Love Of Food!

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Driven By Passion

The Team of Elite Caterers is driven by Passion – Passion for delectable Food, Passion for tempting food presentation, Passion of following highest quality standards, Passion of providing impeccable service because we believe every single one deserves to have an enthralling culinary experience. And when it comes to the event we are catering, we go an extra mile to make sure our client experience the highest degree of fulfillment when they see their guests’ appetite was fully satisfied. (06/Mar/19)

Dum Ki Raan

Dum Ki Raan – a pure food for the soul, not just picture perfect but a taste perfect entry from Elite Caterers.

This spiced up tender lamb leg was the sole winner in a recent wedding reception we catered, in-fact it’s sure to defeat any Kebabs or Tikka with its flavor, texture, taste and look. Raan-e-dum with punch of rich flavors is slow cooked on Dum such till it’s perfectly done, choice of rich spices & careful method of cooking makes it something to relish for with every bite. 

A perfect meal for big celebrations, include this in your next event and give your guests a chance to indulge in the soulful food from Elite Caterers. (05/Mar/19)


Malai Paya

Malai Paya is mostly kept in Hyderabadi Wedding Receptions. Like other Malai dishes like Malai Gosht or Malai Chicken, Malai Paya has its fair share of taste. The touch of cream and the right blend of spices make this dish extremely appetizing. If you haven’t had it anytime, then it’s the right time to include in your upcoming catering function, serve it with Naan Sheermal and we are sure you and your guests will relish the taste of perfection. (3/Mar/19)

Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda is a royal treat to the taste buds at any time, 

While, anyone can make this dessert very well, we at Elite Caterers go a step further and literally go by its name to make it as Shahi as one can imagine. From freshly baked bread to imported saffron we use the finest quality ingredients to let you relish and indulge in this shahi delight. 

Include Shahi tukda from Elite Caterers in your next party  and let your guests have a royal treat. (27/Feb/19)

High In Demand

Marag is a Hyderabadi flavourful thin mutton stew usually served as a starter with Sheermal at weddings. The city of Hyderabad is famous for its wide range of non-veg cuisine and so is Elite Caterers a home to the exquisite and aromatic delicacies. The array of spices used by Elite Caterers in cooking traditional dishes imparts the eye-catching color and lip-smacking flavor (26/Feb/19)

Kebab traditionally cooked with a marinade of almonds, yogurt, cream, and secret spices and char-grilled is great party dish and is served with green chutney . 
If you want to serve something great at your party then these mouth melting kebabs prepared by experienced chefs of Elite Caterers should be in your Party menu, we bet it will be truly enjoyed by one and all.  (25/Feb/19)

A perfect collection of tasteful appetizers for your party from Elite Caterers. Filled with flavors these crispy crunchy delights will leave your guests wanting for more.

Give your guests an opportunity to truly enjoy the dining experience, with our flavorsome dishes they will constantly return to the Buffet tables and feed themselves to satisfaction. (25/Feb/19)

Whole Lamb Laham mandi

The demand for Laham Mandi at Elite Caterers has increased to manifold. A wholesome platter of aromatic rice served with roasted chicken, lamb, mutton or even seafood, slow-cooked in traditional spices and served with a special sauce. Meat is so juicy and tender that it melts in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. You will enjoy every morsel of Mandi cooked by Elite Chefs.

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