Live Drink Stations

Fantastic option with plenty of possibilities.

Elite Caterers Offers live drink stall catering services in Hyderabad. It gives your guests the perfect welcoming with our live Drink stations, Guests and children can have fun choosing and mixing the kind of drinks they want.

Check out our list of selections below and chose what suits your guests’ taste buds.


Drinks Menu

Hot Drinks

A fantastic option with plenty of possibilities, hot drinks is always a big hit for any party, especially outdoor parties in Chilling Nights. We serve the following in Hot stations: Regular Teas, Healthy Teas, Coffees, Energy Hot Drink… the flavor options are endless.


Cold Drinks

Though regular but Cold Drinks have always been a classic inclusion in every occasion. Carnival Drinks, Cool Drinks, Lassi, seasonal fruits Lassi and many more are in our list, simply share your requirements and we’ll create the best experience for you and guests.


Anything which cold and sweet is always a big hit for any party. We aim to add fresh and stylish surprises to events, parties & weddings. Our mocktails collection includes smoothies, Fresh Juices, Seasonal Juices, Fruit Punches and more.


A chic twist to all the regular drinks out there. Flavors like Mango (seasonal), Strawberry, Grapes, Cola, Lime etc, It’s fresh, fun and totally fabulous.

Live drink stations is one of the hottest trends in food catering services, say goodbye to regular catering option, we will simply create a unique experience to charm your guests.


We share the same passion for drinks as the Food and believe in providing plenty of non-alcoholic beverage options to accommodate all of your Guests – Kids, Adults alike. Whether You are looking for breakfast Tea / Coffee or  Lunchtime Sodas or Evening Mocktails. Whether the occasion is an Intimate affair, a grand Party or Corporate Event, we’ve got it covered. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll gladly assist you.

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