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Best Catering Option For Your Function

Want to know whether to Hire a Professional Catering Service or simply Order from Your Favorite Restaurant?

Professional Catering or Restaurant Catering?

Confused about deciding the best Catering Service for your function? Find the best Catering option from here. Want to know whether to Hire a Professional Catering Service or simply Order from Your Favorite Restaurant.

This is one of the top concern for people, so we decided to help you out by outlining the differences between a Professional Caterers and Restaurant Catering, this should help you in making a decision.

Menu Options:

When it comes to Menu Options, Restaurants have their standard menus, you may not find a lot of options, they have the regular Food Menu which you find in any restaurant on any given day.

Thankfully that’s not the case with a Catering Company. An established and professional caterer has an extensive menu from various cuisines, they can accommodate any of your requirements. For example, Elite Caterers offers 100s of Dishes to Choose from Chinese, Italian, Mughlai, Middle Eastern in Veg and Non-Veg for themed events, corporate functions Or Grandeur weddings & other Celebrations.

Buffet Presentation:

Restaurants staff may be good at presenting the Buffet in their restaurants but when it comes to Catering orders, presentation of food is not as easy in a totally new environment. However, for Professional Caterers like Elite Caterers with years of experience, their staff knows how to beautifully present & arrange the Buffet so it looks attractive to eyes.


Undoubtedly Restaurants have a dependable environment ie, working from their own Restaurant kitchen so options for creativity are limited and at a time can be intimidating while attending to an order of large gatherings as their staff is experienced to handle a handful of diners at a time in their Restaurant. On the other hand, a full-fledge Catering Company has hands-on experience working in different locations under different temperatures for different Clients hence they know how to push the limits.

Considering vast experience, Elite Caterers are accustomed to working under various conditions – at home, banquets, outdoors, boardrooms, etc. This can be a great fit for your occasion.


In a Restaurant Catering, the food is usually prepared at their restaurant kitchen and then transported to the Venue leading to unforeseen mishaps especially if they are new into this Catering Business.

When you hire a Professional Catering service like Elite Caterers you will have to worry for nothing, The Catering team will come to the Venue with cooked food & with the best packaging or may come to the venue ahead of time and prepare the food. In both cases, they know exactly how to prepare and handle the food at right temperatures & in hygienically safe conditions ensuring the food is fresh and pleasantly looking.


When it comes to Restaurant Staff, they are used to serve limited no. of Diners at a time but when they have to attend to a large group of diners on a number of tables at a time or group of guests at the Buffet side, it could turn out to be challenging for them, And definitely You as a host do not want to take any chance with your guests. This is where Elite Caterers and Other Professional Caterers can help you, with their expertise with a vast list of Clientele they are better at handling your event in the most professional way ensuring a successful Event.

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If you decide on to hire Best Caterer for your function, you should consider Elite Caterers as we will assure you of a smooth and stress-free event all throughout so you and your guests can enjoy every moment of the Occasion. For Elite Caterers no event is big or small, we take orders of any budgets. Just tell your requirements and Budget we’ll work closely with you to make your event a success

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