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When it comes to weddings, parties or corporate functions, there are a lot of caterers catering Hyderabad city. People these days do not want to occupy themselves in the cooking hitches, hence more and more people in Hyderabad are turning to best catering companies to cater their events.

Whether it is a birthday party, a small get-together at workplace or grand wedding reception, you’ll find lot of catering options to cater at your party.

The City of Hyderabad being famous for its delectable food, has tremendous food dishes in fact it will not be wrong to say has multiple cuisines. Pure South Indian (veg & non-veg), Andhra style food, Pure Telugu food, Mughlai food, dishes from Persian & Middle Eastern regions and what not.

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In earlier times, at functions be it weddings or small parties, the family members used to cook food for the guests during these events. But now, the trend has tremendously changed with Hyderabadi people considering catering services for most of their social functions and there are on the lookout for best caterers in Hyderabad.

Since the people of Hyderabad have special place for the food in their heart, they take the catering very seriously. From the type of Cuisine to selection of dishes, Catering Hyderabad city with a top-notch catering service is paramount importance for the success of any social event.

The ever-increasing demand for new dishes in Hyderabad is becoming prominent day by day, the caterers are coming up with new dishes to tempt their clients.

With that said, catering is not just about the food taste, or fancy dishes, we eat not just for taste but thru our other senses as well we decide whether to go ahead with the specific item or no. How the food is presented, how it is being served, how aromatic the dish is, is the dish served cold or hot. Our eyes first approve the food, then comes the aroma which lets our senses roll on into deciding to try the dish, and finally the taste. Hence whether it’s the presentation of food or the aroma or taste, everything has to be take care of.

There are a lot of caterers and home chefs catering Hyderabad city, key is to find the best caterer among them who will not only focus on the taste, but on the overall satisfaction of the clients and their guests. How you will know you are dealing with the best caterer? There are couple of things you can look for when engaging with the catering companies. The top 3 are the following.

1. Professionalism Matters:

When dealing with you, how professional they sound. Do they have a website registered in their business name, If yes, how is the look of the website – overall layout, design, photo gallery (pics of the food) etc.

2. Experience Counts:

How long they have been in the industry catering Hyderabad city. What are the venues they have provided their catering services at, what type of functions they have catered and of what size?

3. Reviews – not to miss:

Have they got any reviews from their past clients (google their business name and read the reviews), if you like to have a word with any of the clients to know their experience with this caterer, is the caterer willing to provide the reference to talk to? 

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Top tips for choosing a Caterer

Once you shortlist the top caterers in Hyderabad from among the sea of caterers, your next step is to share to each of these caterers the specifics of your desired menu. Ask them to make a custom menu meeting your requirements or let them share their standard menus. Most of the caterers have different packages for different occasions & different clientele. You can either choose from their standard menu packages or let them create one based on your requirements.

You can also request them to share photos of those items which are common in your menu from their past orders. This way you can gauge how the food in your function is going to be.

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Menu with Pricelist:

Next is their turn to respond to your needs either by submitting their quotation / price list for their catering menu. Most of the caterers have price handy with them so in the first call itself they’ll provide you with their catering price. Note, A professional caterer in Hyderabad, before giving you price then and there will inquire about your event like the type of event you are hosting, number of attendees, what type of catering service you are looking for is it full service with cutlery & serving staff or a petite take-away catering or is it an on-site cooking with food service only.

Side Notes:

1. If you have booked a hall for the wedding, almost all the wedding halls have their own serve-ware (cutlery & crockery), this should be communicated to the Caterer so that there is no room for any miscommunication & the price they’re supposed to quote is only for the food, cookware however is the Caterer’s responsibility. 

2. If the food is to be cooked at Site, a site visit prior to the event is encouraged. If you are dealing with a professional caterer, they’ll from their end will visit the site or request you to take them along & would discuss with you further regarding cooking and handling at site. If needed they’ll talk to the wedding hall management regarding the arrangements – kitchen facility, dining hall etc.

3. You can indicate to the caterer, what is that you are expecting from the event, first and foremost the type of catering 1. Sit down dinner, 2. Buffet style, 3. Live station Catering 4. Combination seated & live station. Secondly, Do you like to have any decors at the dining table (individual tables or across the dining hall), Thirdly, if you are looking for special items for the main tables at Bride and Groom side ask them if they have this provision. The caterer should be able to view your vision and turn into reality. 

Once the caterer have enough input, you will receive a formal quotation with menu & price along with the summary of their scope. Some Caterers even send along a Catering service Contract for your reference enlisting technical & commercial terms & conditions. Seeing the series of TOC should not put you in surprise, this is a formality, like many other businesses, top catering companies also prefer to keep things transparent.

Side Note:

1. It is highly recommended that you deal with a caterer with terms & conditions clearly put on paper. This is to safeguards the rights of the Client and the Caterer and will be helpful when any discrepancy arises.

2. Now, some caterers prefer to give the price directly over phone and in the first enquiry call itself, this should not put you into suspecting their credibility as a professional Caterer as to why they have not enquired about your event or didn’t ask you xyz questions or why no forma quote & contract.

Please note, some catering companies are highly experienced they’ve been into business for years catering Hyderabad city, their experience makes them confident about your event, hence they may not ask questions, or that they have previously catered at the same venue or similar crowd size and menu, so possibilities are many. Simply rejecting them is no wise, you have to draw parallels before taking the decision.

Finalizing the Caterer:

Now you are with multiple quotations, carefully going through each of them, including the terms & conditions, will help you eliminate some of the caterers. Shortlist 3-4 caterers from the list who are in-line with your requirements.

Fix-up a meeting with each of them, get the numbers of their references call these clients ask them their experience with the caterer, how did they perform at their function. Ask their advice for anything you need to take caution etc.  Based on these references you will be in a better position to decide who to go ahead with and who not to. Try to eliminate all but 2 or max. 3 caterers.

Fix up a meeting with each of them again, and discuss all the points you have in mind.  If required discuss with you family members but don’t give in, we repeat DO NOT give in to the suggestions of your relatives/family/friends merely because it is coming from someone you can rely on. Decide based on your gut feeling, eventually it is your function, you want to make it memorable with kind /sweet memories, so finalize the caterer where your heart is inclined to.

So this is how a catering process looks like. We suppose this article was helpful to you, if you have liked it, please share in your comments in below. You can also list your points which we might have missed here, and after your comments, we will update our post by including your suggestions.

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