Various Catering Services in Hyderabad:

There are a lot of companies offering Catering Services in Hyderabad for every occasion, the question is whether you actually need the catering service for your event or no.

No one understands the weight and excitement of having a party as much as you do, because it is your party anyway. People often underestimate the importance of Catering, they are confused whether to opt for caterings services in Hyderabad from a professional catering company or simply host a DIY Party.

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Some think they are capable of handling the event on own without having to hire a Caterer but end up regretting, while some other think without a Caterer they cannot host the event but in reality they do not need a catering service company for their event.

Let us see some of the occasions where you can omit and where you ought to hire a caterer for your function.

Note: Since our main area of operation is Hyderabad, our discussion here will mostly be considering the local culture and catering services in Hyderabad. This doesn’t mean the discussion is restricted to Hyderabad alone, rather the same can be applied to any other region.

Being a city of food lovers, any event in Hyderabad involves food, and it is important to have proper planning, because it is not just preparing the food and serving but is also:

> How you cook,

> What you cook,

> What you serve,

> When you serve and

> How you serve.

All these factors are crucial in deciding the success of your party. Below are the top 3 instances to help you decide if you need to opt for catering services in Hyderabad or can execute the event on own without the need of a Catering company.

1. Size of the Event:

If the number guests at your event are rather less, you need not consider hiring a catering company. Say you are hosting a birthday party with a guest list of around 20-30pax, considering catering option for birthday party with this small crowd will not be feasible.

Reason => most of the caterers have a setup for catering to large crowds with minimum of 50 PAX, if you are hiring them for your small event will naturally result in more overheads for the caterer resulting in high catering price.

Hence opting to cook on own or taking help of volunteers is a wise idea. You can also consider buying food from restaurants, Hyderabad is host to some of finest restaurants with best culinary delights. Ordering food for 20-30pax will not cost you bomb. 

Ajmeri Naan from Elite Caterers

2. Your Role:

Are you the main person in whose honor the party is being arranged? If so, then handing over the rights of food department to a catering service company is the way to go. You definitely do not want to miss the opportunity of getting the VIP treatment from near & dear ones at your party, these are precious moments you need to live-in in order to cherish, hence our advice is you Hire a professional caterer and save yourself from the stress which otherwise you get by handling the function alone.

Tip: Hire the best caterer in Hyderabad who is known for providing top catering services.

3. Budget:

The number one reason most people decide to cook food by themselves is the “MONEY” factor. You see, people often look at the catering part with a monetary lens. What they fail to see is, it is not just about the money but the time, labor & efforts which also are essential for catering. They think the cost of food is ingredients of the Food + Gas, they compare this cost with the catering price (quote) they received from the Caterer. They immediately see the huge difference there by getting convinced that the Caterer is duping them hence they decide to cook by themselves and save the entire cost (catering quote – ingredients price);

Suggestion: Ask yourself, is saving some thousands, worth the time, effort and labor you put in to buying grocery, cookware, sourcing the serve-ware, hours of cooking then serving and finally cleaning up including the washing? Not to mention the ingredients and utensils you buy will be at retail price while for the caterer these are all at wholesale Price.

Anyway, you need to weigh down the pros & cons of cooking by yourself depending on your budget. If the labor and efforts are worth the saving then go ahead wit DIY hosting, if not then go stress free by hiring a professional catering services company for your event.

All that said, let us now see, what are the functions you can consider taking caterings services in Hyderabad? 

1. Wedding Catering Service:

There is a saying if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. With the way how Hyderabadi weddings have risen up their bar overtime, not hiring a professional caterer is like by default directing your wedding towards a failure. Be it wedding reception or pre & post wedding functions catering is a must.

2. Catering Services For Kids’ Parties:

This goes without a saying that one must definitely hire a catering company to execute the kids’ party, you for sure cannot arrange the fancy foods the kids love. Opting for catering services will ensure loads of catering options can be accommodated at your kids’ party. Also add finger food live station catering. the kids will love it.

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3. Catering Services For Themed Parties:

If you are hosting a themed party, would you want to experiment the food? Hire a professional caterer who is not only competent at arranging themed foods but is also great at organizing the party.

4. Catering Services For Small Parties:

If your budget permits, you should definitely hire a catering company with full service catering option to add style & flair to your party. You can take a step further and make it buffet style catering instead of seated meal. Also adding live station catering option will take your party to next level.

Elite Caterers have catererd to a large number of clients for their house-warming party. If you are looking for same, get in tocuh with us.

5. Birthday Party Catering:

There a lot of catering options for birthday party. If you have a guest list of 50plus PAX, you need to have catering services to add a flair to your birthday party.

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In general, if there is no restriction on the budget, regardless of size of event one should definitely go ahead with catering service option, hiring the best caterer in town will make a huge difference to your party no matter how small or big it is whether a small anniversary party or a big corporate event.

Various advantages of catering service option like saving you some time and lots of stress, Style statement at your party, challenge of cooking for large crowds being eliminated, definitely outweighs the major advantage of saving few bucks by DIY cooking. Hence turn to a professional catering company for handling your party. 

With all this said, if you are going to host a party in future and are wondering who provide the best catering services in Hyderabad then contact Elite Caterers who are known for their professionalism and are top rated on google for their catering services in Secunderabad and Hyderabad.

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