How to avoid Mistakes in Weddings?

We all wait for that one special day of our life and have lots of dreams for our wedding day, however, not always what we dream can be achieved. Everything has its share of ups & downs. These days Weddings in Hyderabad are more focused on décor, lavishness, Bride-Groom Attires, the jewelry, with so many aspects to consider, certain nuances are bound to happen causing minor inconveniences to big problems.

Below are some of the pointers that can happen in Indian Weddings, and you should anticipate these when planning for your wedding day. See how you can manage these situations and avoid these wedding mistakes to make your day stress free and most memorable day of your life for you as well as your guests. 


There is a famous saying “If You fail to Plan – You PLAN to Fail” this goes well with pretty much anything. You may think planning for a wedding can be easier. Many thinks so and start the planning with the wrong choices for example, You spend more time on deciding the decoration than a Venue, while fact of the matter is The venue for the wedding is the single most important aspect in any Wedding, this is where you celebrate your special day and this is where your guests come to bless you for the wedding.

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Another example is, if it’s a Hyderabadi wedding reception & knowing that people of Hyderabad are big foodies, you will need to decide on the Food Catering Options and the Menu after knowing the Guest list, function timings etc. Remember it’s an event of your life, so you must think of all possibilities to avoid any wedding mistakes. 

Wedding Catering by Elite Caterers @ Khaja Mansion

Red Rose Palace - Wedding Dinner Catered by Elite Caterers


Agreed, your budget is tight and you are considering to cut down on some of the items/ dishes from the Menu or thinking on compromising on the quality of food by deciding to get the food cooked by one of your family members or a traditional Bawarchi or by giving the catering service order to Novice or budget Caterers who quote the lowest – remember if you pay for peanuts you get peanuts. These are some of the common wedding mistakes people do when it comes to catering. You need to realize, the guests will associate to your function only with the food experience they had atyour wedding. To them your special day is not as special, even the venue or decorations doesn’t matter as much as the food, they attend the function for Food. So keep this in mind, they will remember your function for years to come either with praise and beautiful dining experience or with hard feelings

So, hire the best caterer for your wedding, one way to do this is by doing a search in google with best catering service or Top wedding caterers in Hyderabad or the city of your choice, quickly glance thru the ratings, shortlist the top rated caterers (above 4.5 rating), contact them and share your menu preference and budget or ask for their wedding reception food menu, most of the caterers these days have different wedding catering packages & prices for clients of varying budgets, choose the one that fits your budget, you can also ask for customization.

From among these caterers finalize the one which to you is the most professional, you can ask the caterer to share their past customers phone numbers so you contact them to know their experience with this caterer.

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DIY Wedding:

A common assumption in India is that, we can do everything on own. If you think the same that you can do your wedding on own – It’s a BIG NO. Gone are those days, when the weddings were a family affair. Presuming you can do it all on own is not wise and hence a big wedding mistakes which needs to be avoided. 

Your relatives who think are experts, may offer you suggestions or tell that everything is manageable, simply do not give-in to their ideas, They may have good intention of arranging your wedding in budget, however know that you and they are not experts. Hosting a wedding party is way different than planning for a birthday party at home.

Lots of aspects are to be considered and you definitely don’t want to experiment their event management skills in your wedding. So, hire Wedding Planner expert to make your wedding a grandeur affair.

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Everyone want their wedding to be perfect, and to make it one, you may want to ignore the cost of certain things at the last minute you simply cannot avoid such situations an aunt may approach and say this is mandatory or that is required and you end up shelling-out of lot of money which is unaccounted and you end up midway with short of cash or receive a shock seeing the bills after the wedding.

Best is not to fully rely on your uncle/cousin while taking out the money for xyz reason, instead let one person in the family handle the money matters, sit with him before the wedding and discuss in detail all the possible expenses from Venue, decorations, florists, videographer, lightings, catering etc., and for all the contingencies.

Know that, the wedding industry is like that with tons of people (businesses) making profit from one single wedding, so be careful when you’re spending the money, whether it is the most expensive wedding dress or the Orchids your florists is going to charge you, or the off-season dishes your caterer is pushing you to include in your menu to cash-in, make sure you don’t spend unnecessary.

Best is to hire an Event management company so they will take all the stress & worry of your head. You simply pay them for their rate and they handle every aspect of your wedding.

Note, be wary of your spending, set a budget and use it as a tool to figure-out what’s important to you and what you can cut. You can also opt for wedding budget calculator to reduce marriage expenses in India. 

Booking The Venue: 

Most couples, do a mistake that they start searching for venue very late, this often leads them to paying more because of last minute rush. If your wedding is falling in the peak wedding season, it’s wise to search the marriage function hall and book in advance, make the advance payment and reserve the hall as early as possible. You surely do not want the stress of searching for the venue nearing your wedding date.

Guests List:

If you invited 500 people for your wedding, assuming only 50% will turn-up is not wise at all. What if 70% will turn-up to your wedding reception and you booked the hall with seated capacity of only 250, what an uncomfortable situation will that be with so many guests waiting to get in.

Make sure, you book the banquet with 90-95% of your invited list, while for the food catering, give the order assuming 100% of attendance from the invitees. You surely do not want to end-up being embarrassed in front of your guests.


One of the reason you feel things are going out of way is because you tend to control every detail, you may have genuine concerns on how the complete ceremony will take-off, but too much of interference with your vendors would make the entire execution slightly distasteful. Trust your vendors, be it the event management company handling all the departments or individual vendors – they are expert in their fields and know exactly what they’re doing, hence step back and relax. On the flip-side, this may backfire, if you’re too relaxed throughout the process, so moderation is what is required.

Trying All Alone: 

It’s not advisable that you try to do it all. If you’re blessed to have friends and family members who are there to help you then why not delegate certain works to them like researching a vendor, or designing the invitations, or helping you in budgeting the entire wedding affair.

No matter, how perfect you plan out, some nuisances are bound to occur, at time certain tensions are inevitable too, but keep your cool at all times, do not forget that you are actually getting married and not planning a wedding.

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