Become A Wedding Planner At Your Own Wedding: 

No one can deny the creativity & charm a wedding event planner brings to a wedding. These wedding planners have the knack to create spectacular events with such an ease that gives impression they’re a necessity for such events. Hence there is a huge demand of wedding planners, especially in Hyderabadi weddings people now a days are preferring professional wedding planners in Hyderabad. But these weddings planners eats up a big chunk of your wedding costs hence you can channel your inner planner and save a small fortune in the wedding.

Read on the following tips shared by Elite Caterers from Hyderabad and start your wedding planning in style.

1. Get Organized:

With dozens of decisions & details, planning for wedding, Wedding Cake, Décor, Flowers, venue, Wedding invites, DJ and so on, entire process can become a very daunting task for every couple. Hence, the first thing in wedding planning must be “getting organized” – before you even start planning or researching you should plan out to getting things done in an organized way. Maintain journals / create folder in your laptop/email to compile your communications with various vendors, or any notes, references which you might want to share with your vendors.

Set up a dedicated mail for your wedding correspondences. You can make use of spreadsheets, MS docs or Google docs to save all the information you gather, your thoughts and ideas. You can also refer to wedding planning books for master checklists of to-do list.

2. Online Tools:

To help you getting organized you can make use of some free online tools that will help you in wedding affairs. Not just for organizing, you can get a lot of free tools and handful of Pro / Premium tools for the wedding planning including budget setting, To-do list updates etc. (most of the wedding planners in Hyderabad follow the same practice)

Another benefit of online tools is that it is Virtual, and the best thing of virtual is that you can access this anywhere you are, and share the same with anyone you want across the globe using computer, laptop, tab, or mobile phone. Maintaining a hard-copy of your to-do list, chances are you’ll misplace it and you may even find it hard to edit/modify or even share with others so a calendar or diary for your wedding planning can give a focused approach, web sharing tools like google docs to share the information & data with other family members to discuss the planning.

3. Research:

When you’re planning to book vendors, it may be enticing to finalize the first caterer (after the first meeting), a photographer (after seeing their portfolio), but don’t rush to book the vendor, after all you are spending a lot of money on the wedding, hence do enough research and don’t accept the initial offer, you must always negotiate, even consider a few different options and make sure the vendor you are finalizing is understanding your vision and can work well as per your requirements.

4. Book Vendors:

This is so very important, wedding vendors can make or break your wedding, make sure their team is efficient and have a good sense of your vision. On an average a wedding involves minimum of 10 vendors so it is of paramount importance that these vendors are accommodating and that you can have an honest conversation with them for the type of wedding you desire. As this is the most important day of your life it is necessary you hire right team so that your big day runs smoothly.

5. References:

Wedding Planning process is undoubtedly overwhelming, and if you start to feel alone reach out to other recent couples for tips and advice. Try to recollect any wedding you’ve attended and that You really enjoyed it, by all means reach-out to that bride/groom for insights. Or find an online community of wedding forums, you’ll get some expert tips & tricks.

6. Divide & Conquer:

If you are doing all alone, feeling overwhelmed is inevitable. So, delegating some of your tasks to your friends and family members. After all they are there to help, so take their help during your wedding process.

7. Take It One Step At A Time:

Once you have organized everything and finished with the wedding planning schedule, now looking at the list of To-Do should not make you overwhelmed, instead start doing things one by one, in a logical order, for example: 1. finalize your dates, 2. establish your guests’ list, then comes the 3. Venue, and 4. Catering, after this comes the other elements.

Lastly, anticipate anything can go wrong, no wedding how well planned it may be, will not be perfect, so It’s OK. Simply enjoy the process of wedding planning, create memorable moments along the journey.

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