Tough Relatives?

In Indian Weddings, we all know, more than the wedding, this has to be toughest job! While a lot of times, it can be difficult to convince your friends and relatives, most of the times, they are also our best helping hands. Despite this, running errands and getting things set for the big D-day might have just taken a back seat and you will see some of your relatives come up with strong opinions and might have strong feelings on certain subjects. This could be anything from the day décor to the food you chose. We at Elite caterers understand how this can bog you down a lot, coupled with the wedding day stress.

Here are some suggestions that we have for you to deal with your opinionated relatives. 

The advice you value

Advice and opinion will keep pouring in. You will have the eldest of the elder member say that during those times things were like this and like that. This opinion should matter to you only if you value that person’s advice. Decide on whose advice matters to you and if it adds any value to your planning. Put more thought into what your parents advice or a person who is actually in the catering business. That will be more effective. You sure don’t have a lot of time.


Who is in Charge?

Remember who is in charge and paying for the event. If it is you, it is best for you to put off people who start talking about big and fancy events. If your budget is way too less for that, it would help to tell them that your budget can’t support an extravaganza. Thank them for
their thoughts. But, be mindful of your budget and then pay heed.


Second Opinion!

Getting second opinions from experts will help. Your friend in the catering business can give you a quick tip on an putting up a good show. Your vendors can also help you because they have the advantage of having worked with a lot of professionals. You may sure worry a lot of people of having considered a second opinion of an outsider and not your uncle’s. But, who do we go to when we have a fever? A plumber or a doctor?



Out of the box Ideas!

If you plan to go a little ahead and break the tradition of a ‘usual’ wedding, it is at best you inform your relatives and friends about it. You would sure meet a lot of people who would be upset about your tradition breaking norm, but there is no better way to prep them up than talking about it to them much ahead of the wedding day. This way, you have given them a heads up about what to expect and also made sure it is carried out the way you and your friends like it.


Wedding day in itself is a very stressful day. Apart from handing all the chores to deciding
your guest list, the whole process is sure tiring. The key to a stress-free wedding day is to
face your opinionated relatives in a very staunch manner. You may come off as rude, but, at
the end of day, everyone sure will remember for the great effort you pulled off.

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