How To Keep Calm On The Big Day?: 

Keeping calm on wedding day, is this even possible? It is understood that entire process of wedding is quite hectic and take over your nerves. However, for professional vendors who have experience of over years, the entire process is fun, as they’ve perfected techniques to keep panic at bay.

Elite Caterers here shares with you the top 3 tips on how to keep calm on wedding day. Simply follow these tips and relax.

Read on the following tips shared by Elite Caterers from Hyderabad and start your wedding planning in style.

1. Plan:

Success of any event lies in Planning. When every moment big or small is taken care of while planning the event, one gains a sense of confidence resulting in a calmer you with no last-minute panic. When you hire vendors, their professionalism will do the work for you while you sit back and relax.

Professional vendors know their work well and will work with proper planning to make your event a big success. All you have to do is ensure you’re hiring a professional vendor, apart from this don’t be shy to ask their plan of action for your wedding, be it the venue vendor, Wedding Caterer, Band Entertainment or the Decorator ask their plan on doing their respective work, request for their plan of action of past assignments and then the videos of their actual work for that particular wedding, to see how well they executed. From this you can get the idea how it is going to be at your wedding and you can make suggestions for improvement. This will not only take some of the burden off but will do wonders to calm your nerves.

2. Perspective:

Everyone wants their wedding and reception to be perfect, but certain issues / tiny mishaps may happen, in fact these are bound to happen in any event, whether you are hiring a professional wedding vendor, or doing it yourself with the help of friend & family members, some issues may happen. But these issues are not the end of the world which will result in your wedding occasion to be doomed. Best way forward is to deal with the situation at its face value and not lose your precious moments on such situations.

Know that, as long as your soon to be spouse, your family, and closed pals are around, the celebration will go on, so does it matter if your desired flowers couldn’t be arranged or there was a wardrobe glitch?

3. Vendors:

The quickest way to make you lose your mind and not enjoy your big day is DIY wedding, or if not then hiring an amateur vendor – wedding caterer, photographer, or musician.

If you are giving in to the suggestion of your family elder. No matter how experienced your aunt says she is with floral arranging – or how many family functions your uncle has organised, do not give into these suggestions, know that there’s a reason they aren’t working professionally in the field.

And if you are considering hiring a budget vendor who are usually amateur service providers rarely have the state-of-the-art equipment, they need to get the job done hence their rates are very low in the market because they may not have connections with high-quality suppliers.

We want to caution here that even if the vendor is not an amateur and yet their quote is very low compare to the reputed vendors. This should not let you hire them just because they’re offering you the lowest price. Because the overall quality of their service / product will be compromised resulting in a highly embarrassing situation in front of your guests, and we all know how our Indian crowd is when it comes to reviewing the  functions they attend, for example no matter how perfect every aspect of the function was arranged or organised, if the food wasn’t to their satisfaction they will make hue and cry for that and will talk about it for years to come in a manner you’d least wish to hear. And this applies not just food but for any other aspect of the function – venue, décor etc.

At the end of the day the vendor has nothing to lose, even. But your reputation is on stake. Since it is the biggest day of your life you would not want to trade your reputation with some bucks, ie you may be saving few thousands but losing highly on your guests’ satisfaction and your credibility.

So why not hire professionals to handle your big event, you may be spending more but you defiantly can be assured that you’ll have the benefit of extensive knowledge and experience behind you resulting in a successful event, which ultimately is the goal of any host from their event.

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