How to save on wedding catering cost? 

When it comes to weddings, Catering is often the top expensive element after venue and sometimes even beats the venue to take the 1st position. If you are on a budget and are planning for a budget wedding, consider the following points for your wedding catering to save more. With careful choices and proper planning you can considerably save on the overall cost.

1. Hand-Pass Buffet:

 If you’ve arranged a buffet meal, hand-pass pricier dishes if not all like Kebabs, other starters instead of the guests serving themselves, people consume 30-40% less when hand-passed than if they had to serve themselves. 

 2. Family Style Serving:

Arrange a family style seating with 6-8 seats per table, and serve the food as a family meal. Examples:

 – Family Platters like 1 big Salad platter and 1 big Appetizers (kebabs) platters – 1 round per table. 1 additional salad plate to munch on along with the main course

 – Soups can be served directly in servings bowls 1 bowl per seat, additionally can keep 1 mid-size bowl of soup – if anyone would like to have some more.

 3. Number of Platters:

Keep only 1 platter or 2 platters with 1 seafood and 1 poultry, more options you provide for the guests to choose from more will be your catering bill, hence going with 2 fish (prawns are costlier than fish) 2 chicken (1 boneless and 1 with bones) and 1 veg entree should be good.

Tip 1: A good caterer can offer minimum choices likable by everyone. Even a tasty veg. item please non-veg guests. 

Tip 2: Serve less number of amazing items/dishes than serving more number of cheaper options just to show you have provided a lavish spread on the dining table. Know that, guests will not mind to see lesser items on the table if the food they’re going eat is extremely delicious, on the other hand no matter how large the dining table is with variety of dishes if the taste sucks they’ll remember the taste and overlook the number of items in fact more the dishes more to talk about negatively. This is especially true when you squeeze the caterer for the prices just to include a multiple items – resulting is taste & quality compromise.

4. Lesser Food Options:

No matter what you can never please everyone at the same time, so presuming by hosting a grand feast for your guests with many varieties of dishes you are going to please every single of them then this isn’t going to work  This will infact shoot up your catering cost a lot  instead of ordering multiple items from chicken meat seafood and veggies, arrange 1 or max. 2 items from each section. For example you can keep chicken, fish and veg in Starters, chicken curries and mutton biryani.

5. Comparison Shop:

Do a comparison of the prices for each item and then decide the dishes for example prawns are costlier than Fish, so it will be wiser to have fish than prawns at your wedding reception, likewise for chicken platters you can include 1 boneless and 1 with bone  same goes for the cooking methods Haleem is more laborsome than gosht marag, and so is seekh kebab than mutton tikka , you can cut down on labor cost thereby getting a lower quote from the caterer  feel free to ask your wedding caterer to advise you the costly items. 

6. Number of Guests:

Yes you got what we are about to talk. Wait wait wait, we know you are tempted to invited everyone in your mind aferall its your wedding receptiom and once in a life-time event, but calling everyone out there isn’t a great idea especially knowing your catering is not lumsum but per head. Meaning more number of guests will result in higher catering cost.

Tip 1: we know it is a tough one but it is a reality so whenever  you are in confusion of “to invite or not to” remember this the more mouths you have to feed  the more heavier it is going get on your pockets

Tip 2: you need to also remember number of guests will not just impact your cratering budget but overall wedding cost like cost of venue is dependent on number of guests and so is the entire decor of the venue, hence prioritize  the guest list finalization only after that you move on to other aspects. 

7. Family Owned Catering Company:

Giving the catering order of your wedding to someone in the family or someone who you personally know will reduce the catering costs. Giving the catering order to some one you know will brings its own benefits like they will go the extra mile to make your wedding special and more accommodating considering budget.

Caution: By family owned catering business we mean REAL business not just anyone in your family who thinks they can handle catering at your wedding because they have catered at their well for a birthday party of their nephew last month. This is a BIG NO. if you have someone who is successfully running their catering business only then you go ahead with them else you are better off with a regular caterer outside.

8. Go Seasonal:

There are endless opportunities with the caterers if you are willing to pay for what you desire, however if you are on  a budget then select your dishes with seasonal ingredients . this will directly reduce your catering cost which otherwise would increase if out-of season menu is desired

Tip: Do not simply go ahead with whatever your caterer suggests, they may have tons of options to choose from but wise is to design your menu with local and seasonal ingredients in mind. 

So here are our top tips you need to consider to cut-down you catering cost.  For more clarity and options contact  Elite Caterers => call.

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