Top Tips For Choosing A Caterers For Your Event!

Indian weddings aren’t easy, right from picking the attire to deciding what will go into the food menu, some sort of haste always surrounds the atmosphere. To top it all, finding a good wedding caterer who not only will serve good food, but also make sure everyone finds the right taste of auspiciousness and culture in food is one of the major concerns.

Having to set the table, to make sure the food is ready to arrive in time and served hot, etc. are some of the common worries of Indian weddings That’s why we emphasize finding the right caterer is important. When you find the one, it is like sharing the entire onus of one tension (of course among the many tensions you have), on to them. That said, Elite Caterers share some tips to find a good caterer.

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While you sure want people to take the taste of food lingering in their taste buds home, we understand how some caterers can really burn a big hole in your pocket. That’s why we insist on this being your first priority.

Do a quick research on the market prices for caterers in your area, and proceed to set your budget. From there begin a new search for caterers with-in your budget, this budget will also help the caterer to realistically suggest the menu options including style of catering whether seated, buffet, etc.

Remember to also ask the caterer what is included in their pricing; if they would cover the cost of linen, tables and other decorations. If that does not seem affordable to you, strike a customized deal by telling them precisely your needs and priorities.


Another biggest concern is what to do with the leftovers. Whatever precautions you take, there seems to be some amount which stays back. So what are you going to do with that? Do you want it to be served to the homeless and hungry of the area? or Do you want it packed to be sent to people you know? Or does it simply go to the trash? Instruct the catering team on this – what you want the leftovers to be done. You may also want to work closely with the team to ensure a very minimal amount is only wasted. 



Testimonials and reviews are often a very reliable source of information from people who have previously utilized their service. Get down to check a little bit about their worthiness of the caterer. Look out if they are up to what you’re looking for. If you have any dissatisfaction, do not hesitate to click next for other options. 

Tasting Session

Fix up a date for a tasting session of the food they offer. This way, you can be sure of the taste and keep it as per your liking. But many of the catering companies do not provide tastings session except in cases where the order is big, in such scenario you can take help of review websites like google reviews to help you decide. 

The Style

This is another thing you might want to focus on. Style largely depends on your budget. Decide if you want a buffet style, a-la-carte or plated-sit down dinner, etc. 


What's on the Plate?

Of course, the food menu will be decided on the first thing. But, with that, take time to ask the caterer from where they source the ingredients. This is one sure way to ensure authenticity is served on your plate.

So, these are our major tips. Of course, sign the contract and see if all the details are included in the document. That’s how you decide on the wedding caterers. Get talking to them and you will see how many other issues might come up. But, we have got the top six covered for you to get started!


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