50 Pax Veg Menu

(Ideal for 50-100 members during this Pandemic)

Veg Catering Services: 

Indian Weddings are known for their sumptuous foodFrom Succulent Kababs to Rich Desserts, the spread of food on the tables is a delight to the eyes. But when it comes to deciding the menu, it becomes overwhelming as to what best veg food in Hyderabad should be served to the guests. If you are here for the same reason, you are on the right place.

Note: Elite’s Prices are established based on the supreme quality of ingredients from reputed vendors & high working standards, hence you may find it higher when you compare it with “Budget Caterers”, however our rates are apt & most competitive when compared with top caterers in Hyderabad. Kindly also note, we do not offer any tasting sessions.

You can also view our Menus from recent veg catering service we provided for various functions. You can opt for any of these Menus for your event. We are sure, your guests’ will love these items in at your event as the guests of our clients had loved.

1. Veg Menu For Housewarming Party (Kukatpalli)

2. Veg Catering Service Menu for Outdoor Catering (Gachibowli)

3. Marriage Food Menu Veg (Dilsukhnagar)

4. Veg Menu For Marriage (Pingali Venkatarama Reddy Convention Centre Lower Tankbund)

If you are looking for catering Services with customized Menu, call us to discuss your requirement. Our Catering Consultant will help you design the Best Menu for your function.

Pure veg menu Elite Caterers

Ideas for hosting successful wedding event.

Definition of a successful wedding: A wedding’s success is determined not by the Host but by Guests. How? It is the guests who make such topics talk of the town in both ways. For you your attire, wedding venue, its decor, Photoshoot etc may value to you, as you are creating memorable moments which you can cherish for life time. However, for your guests, your special moments doesn’t matter much as they are more concerned with whats in it for them. Ask yourself what do you expect from a wedding you are invited to, its obvious “Great FOOD” – the dining experience you get at a dinner table is what matters to you. 

Having said that when hosting an event you should think from a guest’s perspective. By this it will become easier for you to decide on the option that will satisfy your guests’ palates which leads to blessing for you in your function.

Thus it will become a successful wedding as hundreds of tummies you have fed will leave the function hall by blessing you.-The Host.

In the following lines we are sharing few ideas that will help you make your event a success. 

 2. Welcome Drinks and Snacks:

Having Welcome drinks & Snacks in your function is a great way to welcoming your guests. 

Your guests will be hungry when they arrive at your event, so setting out some appetizers like Sumptuous Kababs, Spring Rolls will satisfy your guests till the time they’re served with dinner. Also having these Kababs & Welcome Drinks as a live counter will delight your guests’ palate.

You can also sizzle up your wedding reception with a live counter of Kebabs. Live station catering will let your guests have a wonderful experience of seeing kebabs being char-grilled in front of their eyes being served piping hot. You may also consider having the lip-smacking Indian street food in the live counters like Papdi Chaat or the Pani Puri.

With these amazing treats your Guests will truly remember your wedding for years to come.


welcome drinks for hyderabad catering

 3. Royal Spread Of Salads:

Salads are considered as a window to a whole wedding reception meal, serving salads in a seated style or having separate salad bar coupled with Appetizer bar is a great option, the delicious spread of Salads & Appetizers will leave your guests wondering what’s coming up next in the main course.

Corn Salad: not just beautifully colorful but corn salad is a healthy accompaniment to the main course. This has been quite a hit among our Hyderabadi Clients at weddings. 

Garden Fresh Green Salad: a mix of onions, lemons, cucumber, radish, and beetroot makes it a healthy option which you shouldn’t miss serving at your valima dinner.

Mexican & Russian salad are a great addition to your dinner menu. With their rich combination of flavors, these salads will magically make your guests fall in love with the veggies. 

Salads spread in valima dinner catering menu

4. Platters & Sizzlers:

Veg Platters & Sizzlers are must-have items in a wedding reception, especially when the wedding is at night and you are hosting a dinner reception, these appetizers marks a perfect beginning of the feast.

From Patthar Ka Paneer to Harabara Tikka, from Pineapple Tikka to Veg Sheek Kabab, we bet these appetizers will be crowd pleasing. 

Elite Caterers offering of irresistible appetizers & sizzlers is sure to impress one and all at your Wedding Dinner. We’ve got plenty of delicious Appetizer options to choose, contact our catering consultant to design your menu.

vegetarian catering service in hyderabad

6. Gravies:

Gravies in any Indian wedding Menu are an inevitable item. Served with choice of Indian bread, these traditional gravies from Mughlai Cuisine or our own Hyderabadi cuisine slow-cooked on firewood gives a subtle taste and Soul warming aroma of fresh spices makes these gravies an absolute must-have.

Paneer Masala, Dum Ka Paneer, Bhindi Masala are a top favorite among the Hyderabadi food lovers. You can also switch over to Ginger Mashroom, Baby Corn Masala, or Navratn Khurma. These classic dishes from Elite Caterers are absolutely soul-filling.

What sets apart Elite Caterers’ gravies from the rest is that we use ONLY supreme quality ingredients from the most reputed vendors of Hyderabad & Secunderabad.

Paneer Butter Masala for House Warming Party

7. Indian Breads:

When it comes to breads, Indians leaves the world behind. From Rumali Roti to puff Paratha, Plain naan to Butter naan, one can have whole lot of options in the breads.

Most preferred types of bread in hyderabadi Walima Dinner / Wedding Menu are Rumali Roti, Dil Naan, Butter Naan, Ajmeri Kulcha and Laccha / Warqi Parath.

Indian breads

8. Biryani:

Biryani is undoubtedly the star at any Hyderabadi wedding. Craze of biryani is such that even in overseas it is a must-have item in any desi-wedding.

A delight for the soul of a food lover, hyderabadi biryani has been the winner of hearts for ages. Elite caterers proudly boast that their biryanis are the signature dish.

Rich in flavors Elite’s Zaffrani Biryani has  an enticing taste that your guests will crave for more (Elite’s Biryani will be the Crown King of your Dinner Table).

If you want your guests to fall in love with the food and their taste buds to bless you after every morsel, you ought to include Zafrani Biryani from Elite Caterers in your wedding dinner menu vegetarian.

This lip smacking Biryani from Elite Caterers served with rich Dahi ki chutney and Zaiqedar 3 in 1 Mirchi, Baigan & Tomate ka Salaan that will take the taste to another level.

Vegetable Biryani

9. Desserts:

The end of a great wedding feast requires a great dessert, No matter how full your guests are after having the gala treat, they will find a way to smack their lips with delicious desserts.

Sunrise Pudding, Cream Fruit, Lychee Cream & Kashmiri Rabdi are some of the greatest hits in Hyderabadi valima dinner menu.

Serving any of these desserts will definitely give a pleasurable taste to one and all.

Your guests are sure to leave the dining hall highly satiated.

Menu Suggestion:

1. Sunrise Pudding

2. Kashmiri Rabdi

Desserts in Hyderabadi Valima Menu

10. Live Station Catering:

Live food stations have become quite popular attractions in weddings these days. A definite crowd pleaser – having live food and drinks stall at weddings will bring cheer to the wedding itself and give a lavish wedding feel.

Consider serving appetizers in the live counter in your dinner menu. Baby Corn Stick to Paneer Tikka  – everything being cooked in front of eyes with smoky atmosphere will be a great hit in your wedding.

While the kebabs are on the charcoal, your guests can turn around to Indian street food stall for tantalizing chaats. Panipuri to cocktail kachori, Mini samosas to bhelpuri and fruit chaats are the favorites of people of all ages. If your guests are fan of the south Indian food, you must have to have a dedicated Live Dosas Counter / Stall.

Cut Fruit stall and Mocktail counter during summers is a great fit in your wedding reception. While a dedicated stall for assorted teas for tea lovers esp. during evenings will be soul warming. 

And in fun station for kids and adults you can consider having stalls for Popcorn, Sugar candy, Twist Potato, chocolate fountain, Fire Paan and the list goes on.

Live Ice Cream Counter: There is a great demand for Turkish Ice Cream and Stone Ice Creams, why not have it served as Live Counters in your wedding, this will definitely add value to your wedding as part of  the feast. CAUTION : This is a little pricey. if your budget permits you should definitely consider this. 

11. Paan:

Having a Paan after meals is a traditional affair in Hyderabad Weddings. Paan has a huge fan following in Hyderabad among all age groups. 

Different varieties of Paan can be served like Iced Paan or Fire Paan. 

You can even consider having a live counter for Fire Paan. Your guests will enjoy as they take Paan in their mouths with the flames.


Reviews from Elite’s Clients:

Elite caterers – Mr. Ismail and team are highly recommended. We reserved their services from Canada, for a wedding in Hyderabad, and their services did not disappoint at all.
Ismail takes great care to know what your needs for your special event are, and his team goes above and beyond to deliver an amazing experience and food that you wont forget!
We connected with them to arrange the food for a wedding, and the service and quality was nothing short of the best.
I wish Ismail and the team at Elite Caterers the very best and look forward to having them for more of my family’s events!



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