Executive Summary:

With over half a decade into business, Elite caterers has successfully established themselves in this industry. For our Clients, Elite Caterers is one of the finest caterers in Hyderabad in terms of Quality, taste and service. Our Professional yet friendly approach at every instance during the event has given us many repeat clients.

Occasion: Wedding Reception

No. of Guests: 2,400 pax

Venue: Paigha Palace (Begumpet – Hyderabad)

Keys to Success of This Event:

1.      Client’s requirements were clearly understood well ahead of the event.

2.     Proper planning was carried-out after examining the venue

3.    Elite Caterers’ best team was chosen to execute this project

Why Elite Caterers:

Time and again we have exceeded our Clients’ expectations while executing their event, whether it is lending an ear to listen to clients’ requirements or looking things from their perspective to deliver what they’re expecting, or making sure our clients’ guests receives the best dining experience from our end. You can be assured, you have our back at all times from order finalization till the order is over. Read thru the following lines to know how Elite Caterers will work for your order.

Event Catered          : Wedding Reception on Nikah Day (from the bride’s family)

Location                     : Paigha Palace

Guests                       : 2,500 PAX

How were we helpful?

  1.     We made sure that we executed the event exactly as how the client had asked. Additionally, their needs were promptly and efficiently met during the entire catering event.
  2. No event can be efficient without a proper working relationship. Working relationship ensures that each of the member share a work driven motto, motivationally charged to bring out only the best. We settle for nothing less. We ensured a cordial and successful working relationship throughout the event.
  3. Professionalism lies at the root of our vision. We made sure this was manifested in our behavior. Each of our staff are finessed for their professional behavior and we make no compromises here and thus we are able to deliver flawless catering service to our clients in and around Hyderabad.


The brother of the Bride, Mr. Mohammed Imran is friends with Mr. Mohammed Ismail – owner of Elite Caterers, they both share a very healthy friendship. Personally knowing Mr. Ismail – his etiquettes in dealing with people, his professionalism at work place, for years, Imran knew where he had to head to for his sister’s reception. Once the wedding date was fixed and the venue was finalized (Paigha Plaza at Begumpet – learn more about this venue & know why it is one of the favorite wedding venue of Elite Caterers.), he discussed with his parents about Elite Caterers, soon after a meeting was arranged. Since the family knew very well about Mr. Ismail, there were no second thoughts about whom to give the Catering order because they knew they can best catering services in hyderabad from none but Elite Caterers. The meeting was more like a family discussion about the menu, and execution process.

After the meeting, as a standard procedure, site visit of the wedding Venue – Paigha Palace, was fixed, Team of Elite visited the site to examine everything, and after careful analysis, the best team from Elite was rolled in to execute this project, having very closed relations with the Bride’s family, Ismail knew the responsibility he has for delivering nothing but the best. And so he considered this as his own family function with special interest in everything including discussions with the Paigha Palace for mutual coordination in the interest of making the event a success.

Looking at rich choice of menu, and since for the client the budget wasn’t a concern, Elite Caterers sourced most of the spices from its main source like for example Saffron was directly sourced from the main vendor responsible for importing Kashmir, which otherwise we source it from our regular city vendors (this also is from Kashmir, however these are sub-vendors) and same was the case for dry fruits – and hot dry spices. While regards to the fresh items like fruits , veggies and sea-food, meat and poultry as is the case with other Catering orders, we sourced from our regular trusted whom we trust to the core and have no doubt on the freshness or the quality. All dry items were delivered 2 days prior to event so no last minutes hiccups, while all fresh items were delivered in the morning of event order. The chefs and Elite’s kitchen team began the preparation in the morning itself due to the size of menu, and as the sun set, the food was ready and the Elite’s team was ready to welcome the guests to the dining tables.

When the serving began, the dining hall was filled with the aroma of skillfully cooked dishes from Gosht ka marag to aatishe jhinga to achari murg ever dish has its own distinctive flavors, and the Birynais were out of the world. Each and every guests had a blast with this large feast of this Mughlai cuisine. At the end of event, the bride’s family although were confident they’re giving the responsibility in the right hands, were delighted at the end when receiving the compliments from their guests.


A perfect Wedding Menu:

The menu was rich in selection with most of dishes suitable for a perfect hyderabadi wedding food menu.

Salads: Arabian Salad

Soups: In soups we had Gosht ka Marag made out of baby lamb served with Baby Naan

Appetizers: Then came Aatishe Jhinga, Murgh Sunehri Kabab, and Veg Spring Roll.

Mains: Murgh Achari, Kalimirch Murgh, Duma ka Gosht all served with Butter Naan and Rumaali Roti

Biryani: Zaffrani Mutton Biryani and Sufiyani Gosht Biryani served with Mirchi ka Salan & Dahi Ki Chutni

Desserts: The dinner was concluded with Sunrise Pudding, Rajasthani Rabdi and Kaddu ka Resha

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At Elite caterers, we make sure to bring out the finest of our culinary skills and ensure that everyone thoroughly enjoys the food. 

If you like to have the same feeling like Mr. Imran and his family and is looking for best catering services in hyderabad then you know what you have to do, simply pick up d phone and call us to discuss you requirements.

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