Weddings are all about rejoicing, but what we actually do is sitting behind and do the planning than rejoicing. Typically, weddings in India last from a minimum of three days to as long as a month, and planning usually takes months, how stressful must it be for you to sit down and take care of all chores, starting from shopping for the wedding to choosing your plate, a lot of points are necessary to consider before planning a wedding. Key to a successful wedding is not to rush with things, doing proper planning, then making sure entire affair is well managed and everything goes according to the plan.

We at Elite Caterers would love to ease your load as much as possible, thus have come up with some great suggestions in general while focusing more on advice about the catering services. Take a look. 

Budget: Always the concern! It is necessary to brainstorm what you like to focus more on, for some it is the ambiance – the venue, décor & music while for others it is food & beverages ie, what to serve to their guests. Sit down a bit to understand what your guests are likely to enjoy. In case you are in a dilemma about the options, it is at best to talk to the event manager. An event manager will give you a good vision about the reality and how the event will look like in the given budget.

Theme: If you like your wedding to have a particular theme, it is important for you to decide what you want to experience in your wedding – fun, formal or casual, this is one of the prime factors in deciding the overall cost of the wedding, because from venue, décor to the food everything has to complement one another to match the theme.

Venue: You need to consider guest count, are there lot of “out of town” guests, location of the venue – Can all the invited guests make to the venue? Does the venue has convenient parking, will the venue offer in-house catering or do you need to bring your own caterer etc. Finalizing the venue, and the vendors usually takes most of the time is super hectic. Once you are done with this, you’re halfway through.

Now let’s discuss some points about the catering Side: 

The Caterer: Choosing the caterer has always been crucial in Hyderabadi weddings, couples or their families are always on the lookout for top caterers who can offer the best catering services for weddings, with so many caterers in the city, one is bound to get confused on who to choose as their wedding caterer same goes for corporate catering or Birthday party catering services, the ideal way of choosing a caterer is heading to google & search in local maps with your favorite term like best or top caterers or catering services, lot of search results will appear, from here filter those with ratings above 4, now you are left with fewer options. From the list go thru the user reviews for each caterer, shortlist some of caterers based on customer reviews. Now visit the website of each caterer, and analyse the website structure, does the design, food photos etc. compliments the reviews on google? With this you will further filter and can eliminate unwanted caterers. You’re now left with handful of caterers, now send them your inquiry or call them directly stating menu preference, your requirements, budget and as much information as possible, trick here is the best caterers will go through all the requirements one by one and will offer you the best option to fit your budget meeting your needs.

Point to note here is, if you require Telugu events catering service you need not search only for veg caterers, rather you can search for caterers in general, because if the rating and reviews of a non-veg caterer is good, they surely will be great in offering veg catering services too.

The platter: It would be an ideal option to have some seasonal food served. Seasonal food not just give an indication that the food is fresh but it also helps your budget. Besides this, you could also ask the caterer their delicacy. Including this in your menu will give a richer tone of variety.

Customization: Another important thing customers typically ask the caterer is if they can customize the menu. Customization is a good way to make sure your guests love the food you serve. Suit the menu to the liking of your guests, by adding extra spices or by reducing the sweetness.

Wedding cake: One important element in the modern day wedding is the customary wedding theme cake. Ask your caterer if they would provide gorgeously delicious theme cake and at what price. You may want to compare this with another baker to find out which one is affordable.

Main Table: You can also check on with your caterer what’s their specialty when serving on the Main Table, this has become a trend now in Hyderabadi Weddings, adding special items to the main table of the Bride & Groom will add a rich look to the table, don’t you think the Bride and Groom needs special treatment on this special day? But mind you, this will come at an extra cost. You can opt for something to the taste of Bride and Groom or matching the theme like you can have special dessert or personalized cake etc. For example, in some of Hyderabadi weddings Elite Caterers provided Dum Ki Raan, Murgh Musallam, whole Roasted Lamb, whole mutton Mandi etc, having such rich dishes are definitely a hit among our clients. 

Food station: Food stations are the hottest trends in weddings these days. Typically, food stations allow you to make your own easy food. The ingredients are set and cut. You simply have to mix and match ingredients as per your choice and taste. Even adding a live station catering to your wedding with Kebabs corner, or unlimited cocktail drinks, or the famous Indian street-food Chaats or Korean Street food – Spiral Potatoes will be a great idea.

People these days, are preferring a party that everyone remembers. This means, the trend is to make sure everyone get to experience good fun with the food, sitting under a theme based event.  So, talk to your partner for planning the ultimate wedding. Keep a checklist of ideas. Sit down and discuss what you both really want for this memory of a lifetime such that you can experience the best wedding ever.

As long as food is concerned, at Elite caterers we take extra measures to make sure we have the day and memory covered for you.  


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