Housewarming Party Food Menu

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Housewarming Food Menu (Vegetarian – South Indian):

We often get customers looking for catering services in Hyderabad and when we ask them their desired Menu, they’re confused about what food to serve at the housewarming party.

Hosting Housewarming parties do require a bit of planning, so we decided why not help you save the hustle and bustle of deciding the menu for Housewarming Party.

So check out Elite Caterers housewarming party food list and get party food ideas from Pure South-Indian Vegetarian Menu.


Mix and Match style of Veg salads is a great option. Seasonal vegetables with flavorful dressing will definitely give a soothing feeling to the eyes. Fresh Garden Salads with Tomatoes, Lettuce, onions, etc. OR Greek Salads with Feta cheese, olive, lettuce, and red onion is something you can never go wrong with.

Salad in valime dinner reception menu


When it comes to the housewarming food menu, in Sweets we have a couple of great options to choose from the Sweets like everyone’s favorite Badushai or timeless Mysore Pak. Poornam Parelu and Bakshalu are also hot picks of our Clients, while Semiya Payasam is one thing everyone relishes at any given time.


Hot Items:

Select from a list of Fried hot items – Mirchi Bhajji or Aloo Bhajji, Aloo Bonda, Pan, or Bread Bajji. Any time of the day, our Indian crowd always loves to munch on these hot deep-fried items.

indian snack batata vada

Rice Items:

When it comes to Rice Items, we have two options – (i) Regular Rice Items and (ii) Special Rice Items. And both these items are essential in a typical housewarming Party food menu with a Pure Veg South Indian Menu. You can choose one (1) item from each Regular & Special Rice.

Regular Rice Items: Tamata Rice, Pulihora, Lemon Rice, or the most common Jeera Rice, etc.

Special Rice Items: Vegetable Pulao, Vegetable Dum Biryani, Kaju Pulao or Kaju Matar Pulao, etc.

best Biryani Caterer in hyderabad for wedding and small party catering


When we have two types of Rice – Regular & Special, therefore the Gravies should also be of at least two types to be accompanied by Regular & Special Rice.

Gravies for Regular Rice:

Aloo Tamata Curry, Munnakai Tamata Curry, or Vankaya Aloogadda Curry – You can opt for one item from any of these.

Gravies for Special Rice:

Vankaya Masala, Tamata Masala, Donda Masala, Capsicum, or Mirchi Masala – again you can opt for any one of these.

baghare baigan


Gravies can be enjoyed with the rice as well as Breads, so the bread options are Wheat Phulka, Poori, Rumali Roti.

Gravies for Breads:

You can have Aloo Matar or Aloo Gobi Masala, even Paneer Butter Masala is great, or Shahi Paneer – as the name goes by a Classic Shahi dish – a royal treat for foodies. If your guests love Mushroom, then Mushroom Masala or Mushroom Paneer can be added too.

Indian Breads


Next in the line are dry fry items to be taken with Bread – Aloo Fry, Bendakaya Fry, all times favorite Gobi 65 or Aloo 65. you can have it along with bread or just munch on it as is. – Adding one or two from this list will be great.

Daal, Sambar & Rasam:

We have a lot of options to choose from in each of these categories:

For example for Daal – we have Tamata Daal, Palakura Mango, Sarakai Pappu or the simplest & tasty Dal Tadka.

Sambar – you can opt from Gummadikai Pulusu, Munaga or Andhra Sambar, Pachhi Pulusu or Telangana Pappu Charu.

And in Rasams – you can choose to keep any one from Tamata Rasam, Miryala Rasam or Ullipaya Rasam

veg caterers hyderabad Dal Fry

Pachadi Pickles & Staples:

Any South Indian Meal is incomplete without White Rice, Curd, and Pickles. We have a lot of Pachadi options to choose from like Tamata Pachadi, Dosakaya Pachadi, Pudeena Pachadi, Onion Pachadi, Beerakai Pachadi, and many more. While in staples, Steamed Rice, Fryums or Papadam, and Plain curd are must-haves.



With all the above suggestions, we are sure your housewarming party will be a hit, but note your party is not just about food. Your guests will be excited to see your new home, so design your home décor with a specific theme in mind, and the food menu you choose, should complement the theme, but don’t overdo, keep it simple and elegant, you can google for some great Housewarming decoration ideas.

You can also share your home with your Pals thru a virtual housewarming website and don’t forget to include gifts for your guests, you can head to housewarming gifts amazon India and order some wonderful gifts and create awesome memories.

And if you are planning to take catering services for your housewarming party, then Elite Caterers you should straight head to, with catering to over dozens of housewarming parties, we are sure to provide you with the best catering service in Hyderabad. If you are unsure, then read our page “Why should you choose Elite Caterers for your catering event?”


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