Birthday Party Menu Suggestions:

Elite Caterers brings you some Birthday Party Menu suggestions, read on to know more.

Hosting a smaller event with full meals is a big task in itself. People often think that hosting these small events is like baking a cake hence do the mistake of carrying out everything on own. Parties are nothing but get-togethers and meant to have jovial moments with friends and Pals.

If you spend all your time in the kitchen when would you find the time to mix-up with the guests. Even if say you have prepared everything in the day time and are ready to face the guests in the evening, don’t you think you need some time to relax before the event? Would you like to greet your guests with your tired face? 

Thus hiring a caterer is better idea to save you from all the worries. Not just that saves you from the worry of cooking, it also opens up a whole lot of opportunities with fun and creative options in the food menu. They’re expert in their field and knows what goes well with the guests depending on the function type, size of event and the season in which the function is falling. 

We have got some options for Party Appetizers, ask your caterer to include some from these delicious appetizers or feel free to include your caterer’s suggestion of the menu and your party even more special with a variety of appetizers.

Chicken Wings:

Ideal for smaller events, chicken wings are a crowd-pleaser and goes well with any theme. Adding the various flavors like seasoned, teriyaki or barbecue will ensure your guests keep returning to the counter for more. You can even give it a desi makeover with coating of Indian spices and make it a hit at your party.


Cheese Balls:

A classy way to kick-start a party is welcoming your guests with cheese balls, pricked with stick are easy to grab with no spoon or fork required. One can’t get enough of these classic entrees after all who doesn’t love cheese.

Crispy Fry Chicken:

Crispy fried chicken is a party food which is guaranteed to be a party hit. This dish is not just scrumptiously simple but downright delicious. After all KFC hasn’t become universally famous just like that.

Fruit Appetizer:

A lighter alternative to a regular appetizer, Fruits or veggie Platter is a great option for people with healthy preferences. You can serve seasonal fruits in a platter or arrange a stand with all cut fruits. Or Stir-fried veggies or char-grilled sticks of veggies with Paneer. 

Spring Rolls:

Spring Rolls are an  all-time favorite of every one. From delicious vegetable filling to cheesy chicken, you can offer a lot to your guests. For that matter you can also include Veg/Chicken puffs to your party. Crispy & buttery on the out and sinfully tender inside will leave your guests wanting for more.


A perfect staple for any party, Meatballs are a versatile appetizer that is perfect for chilling nights with lots of options. The desi style kofta can be prepared with chicken mince or any meat. Can be served as dry or with topping of different sauces.


 Potato Wedges:

Soft on the inside and crispy on the out, these potato wedges are cooked with the skin on.

Baked or Fried can be served as an accompaniment with your favorite dip or simply with the ketchup. 

Crispy Fries:

A perfect accompaniment made with variety of potatoes, perfectly cooked with its fluffiness on the inside and crispy on the out, these fries tastes great with ketchup. Some even prefer to have it seasoned with spices famously known as masala fries.

Onion Rings:

Ideal on a platter onion rings are undeniably satisfying. These crispy bites can also be served as a side dish with your favorite dip. You can even give a cheesy version to it using mozzarella cheese. Either baked or fried, these onion rings are simply delicious and your guests would be cherishing these delights at your party. 

Aloo Tikki:

Served with Chutney, this crispy delicacy from Indian Streets draws its flavors from variety of Indian spices. You can go a step further and serve your guests the aloo Tikkis stuffed with spicy paneer filling. Rich in taste, these are definitely everyone’s favorite.

Batata Wada:

Potato Fritters or commonly known as Batata Wada a famous snack from India is a deep fried spiced mashed potato. It is soft on the inside due to the mash potato and crispy on the out with the coating of chickpea flour. Serving it with spicy green or tamarind chutney makes it an absolute lip-smacking delicacy.

Chicken Nuggets:

Tender & Juicy chicken on the inside and beautifully golden crunchy on the out, these chicken nuggets are a classic favorite of everybody. Serve it with any dip or simply with ketchup.

So these are some of our suggestions, add them to your party and let your guests pick and choose their favorites. We’ll come up with more suggestions from across the globe in the near future. While these are our recommendations on the food, you can also explore ideas on hosting a birthday party with flair from here.

Write in the comments below your favorite starters and suggestions, which we may consider in our next blog.

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