Business Lunch Menu Ideas – By Elite Caterers

 Deciding on lunch for yourself is easy, but when it comes to team lunch / corporate lunch, one is confused simply because coming up with catering menu ideas that will please everyone’s taste buds is a stressful task especially when you’re looking for catering menu for large groups, well do not you worry, Elite Caterers has done the hard work for you, we share here the best business lunch menu ideas that will leave your colleagues satisfying.

Deli Buffets:

A pleasing menu option for any crowd, deli buffet is quite popular for simple events. You can opt for mixed green salad with different types of dressing, Fruit salad, sandwiches and cupcakes / brownies in the dessert section. 

Themed Menu:

Lately, top caterers in Hyderabad are offering themed lunch options in corporate catering services, you can opt from any of these lunch options.

Italian: Did you ever think of having Pasta served for your corporate event? Lasagne, white sauce pasta are two most popular options needless to say “crowd pleasing food”. Or Pizzas – you can never go wrong with Pizzas, from favorite toppings to the crust, Pizza is always the top choice for any crowd veg or non-veg.

American: Burgers and Fries, who does not love this combination, juicy strips of meat with some greens, and appetizing dressing/topping served with the fries will turn everyone’s lunch from good to great.

Chinese: When it comes to Chinese there are many choices for great, full-flavored meals. From Soups, to spring rolls, fried rice to noodles, there are ample options to choose from. For a spicy and tasty meal, try the Schezwan rice or any variety of noodle dishes.

These food ideas are great for Office lunch or office party for small to large groups, just make sure when you are taking corporate catering service you take from professional caterers who have prior experience in corporate catering Hyderabad city. 

Gourmet Sandwiches:

Having Wraps & Sandwiches for Staff Meetings is great food idea. You can cut into halves and serve as finger food. Mix of healthy options in fillings like roasted meat, grilled chicken or smoked salmon will serve as brain food for your staff. You can also include Indian styled spicy Rolls rich in flavors.

Pan India Food:

We all know, India is famous not just for its tradition & culture but also for the food. Indian food is famous around the world.

When people around the world eating Indian food, why not you bring the food from different states to your office? You can consider having multi-cuisine for your office catering from traditional Rajasthani Thali or lavish Punjabi thali to Lucknow Awadhi cuisine or the Kashmiri healthy food options – Your staff is sure going to love it.

Meat Balls:

Meatball are perfect lunch and learn meal, can be served over rice or just like that as a filling. Depending on your staff eating preferences, lots of filling options from vegetarian to meat can be accommodated.


Smoky grilled kebabs or the skewers for non veg lovers, while grilled Paneer for vegetarian is a great take in an office lunch. You can also consider sausage and mutton chops for a tasty lunch. Caution: This may add up to your cost if there is less number of people because top caterers in Hyderabad usually have  minimum head count requirement for serving Kebabs and Grills.

Sprout Bowls:

At work Sprout bowls are one of the popular menu items for one gets proteins, carbs all in a bowl. Consider having a “build your own bowl” option and letting the staff to mix and match according to their tastes. 


During winters, hot & tangy soup is must have on any chilly day. You get loads of options in soups from regular soups like tomato soup option to mushrooms. Not just that, as a post-lunch snack, your employees can even enjoy the soups instead of the coffee or tea.


You can never go wrong with Indian Snacks. From spicy to tangy creations, one get to have loads of options. Papdi chat, Aloo tikkis, Cutlets Ragda Patties, Bhel puri the list goes on, these lip-smacking Indian Chaats are always satisfying.


Array of fresh, colorful salad is a must at any corporate event as it highly nutritious. With Health benefits of Olive oil, chargrilled vegetables, you can go for Greek salad or a simple Japanese cucumber salad. Some of Elite Caterers’ salads designed for corporate clients can be taken as a full meal.

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