Catering Tips for Hosting Party at Home:

Due to Covid, more and more functions are being held at home, whether its a birthday party or  wedding dinner party for 50 guests, lots of our clients are preferring to host the party at their homes and not in the banquet halls.  If you are also planning to host / catering a party for 50 at home, follow the tips outlined below to help you get prepared for your next event.

If you’re looking for party menu for 50 guests, Elite Caterers have just what you’re looking for, follow below links for veg, non-veg and mix menu options. 

Party Menu For 50 Guests

(Ideal for 50-100pax during this Covid Lockdown)

Tip 1 – Menu Planning:

Planning the menu is the first step for any event. For this you need to consider certain factors like number of guests and what are their preferences ie, Pure Veg,  Non veg or Mix. Next is, are there any guests with restrictions or are allergic to any food ingredients. 

Other aspect to consider is how you’re planning to serve, is it going to be a Buffet Setup or a seated meal or you’re looking only for the food delivery options.

Valima Dinner menu

Tip 2 – Finalize The Caterer weeks ahead:

We all know, food can make or break your event, no matter with how much of sophistication you have executed your event, if the food isn’t up to the mark, your event will terribly fail. And you definitely do not want this to happen at your party because primarily people come to enjoy the food. For this reason hiring the best caterer in the city is the way to go. A professional catering company have years of experience so hiring one at your event will add value to your party.

If you’ve shortlisted the caterers (based on Written & Video testimonials and Google Rating), finalize one among them and hire the caterer immediately and do not postpone till the end, You don’t know if your chosen caterer will be available on your dates when you approach them next. In addition to this, by booking the catering service much ahead of your event will give sufficient time to the caterer for planning your event on the execution part like sourcing the supreme quality ingredients etc, because last minute work will not guarantee the finest quality ingredients which are usually sourced from vendors who import these, which otherwise may lead to low quality local ingredients which will affect the taste.    

Book the caterer at least 4-6 weeks ahead of your event sit back and relax. If you worry for any changes to the menu, you always have the option of modifications till a week before the event.

Tip 3 – Table Setup:

Dining hall setup can be discussed by your wedding planner and the Caterer, your caterer will coordinate with your Wedding planner for the arrangement. If you’re not hiring a wedding planner then discuss with your caterer, their team will take care of everything. They’ll visit the site and plan how to setup the dining area in the best way which allows for free circulation / movement in the Hall around the tables keeping the social distancing norms in to consideration during this pandemic.

Catering a party for 50guests
Dining decor of a wedding planner in Hyderabad

Tip 4 – Arrangements:

In case of buffet setup, place the crockery Cutlery at their respective place that make sense. The Buffet Setup these days comes in various Styles from Fancy to elegant based on the budget & theme of your party. Discuss with your caterer for the options available with them and pick one that best suits your theme.

Tip 5 – Serving Utensils:

Serving utensils should always be appropriate to the dish. Tongs for dry items like Kababs, Starters, cut fruits and vegetables. Ladles (serving spoons) for mains. Place quarter plates next to chafing dishes to keep the ladles & tongs. If you are hiring a caterer with full service, you don’t have to worry about all these. The caterer will take care of every aspect from food to serving to cleanup.

wedding reception catering

Lastly, follow below basic points as well.

1 Ensure the trash cans are arranged at convenient places.

2 Due to Covid, it is best to use disposable crockery & cutlery, encourage the guests to use the trash cans to dispose of their used items.

3 Put lots of napkins at multiple points for easier access to your guests.

4 Arrange sanitizing station at entry & exit of the dining Hall

5 Display Hygiene Guidelines in the dining hall for your guests to follow.

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Party Menu For 50 Guests

(Ideal for 50-100pax during this Covid Lockdown)
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