How to book a Videographer for the Wedding: 

Wedding is the most important occasion of one’s life, and the entire wedding process, planning, actual execution, different rituals happening during the wedding are undoubtedly the most treasurable moments one would have in life.

Experiencing these moments by locking them in the mind and bringing back in the future is all possible but can be relive only by you as these are the moments stored in your memory. In order to relish these moments with your spouse, your future kids and friends and family, one should definitely consider capturing these moments. While photos capture still moments, videography gives a whole new way to relive your wedding.  With video you are able to hear the joy & experience the pleasure – years later and relive those moments.

Although Photography and videography are 2 different elements and people hire 2 different agencies 1 for photography and the other for Videography. Most agencies esp. in Hyderabad offers both under their umbrella. So if we are mentioning here videography, by default it also means Photography is included in it.

Now if you have decided to capture your wedding moments, we recommend you hire a professional Videographer whose expertise is in Weddings. Booking the Videographer isn’t easy, you have to consider a lot of aspects like the style – documentary type or cinematic, their expertise, how long they can be with you during the entire wedding process etc. Elite Caterers has come up with certain tips and suggestions that should help you moving forward.

Tips for choosing the Videographer!

1. Your videographer is going capture candid moments and is going to be around during entire process of wedding, hence make sure he is someone you are comfortable in his presence.

2. The moments you are capturing now, you are going to reminiscence those moments in the future years later, so it is essential to catch every important detail from perfect angles, hence Experience of the videographer is important. Ask them, how long they’ve been in to this field, how many weddings they shoot per year, look at their portfolio and make sure you connect well emotionally with their work, if required, ask for references and talk to the couples who have taken their experience with this Agency.

3. When finalizing the videographer, consider someone who brings out your natural beauty, and not just record the moments in the light. Additionally, discuss with them the key moments you intend to be shot and how many hours of coverage he’ll need. And from this, you’ll know at what time the videographer will have to come and if he comfortable coming at that time say it may be early in the morning and have to stay late in the evening, this will ensure how you can expect the wedding shots to be. This will also decide the cost of your shoot.

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4. Cost of videography is typically charged at a flat rate for entire wedding duration, but some others offer set packages. Hence be clear about the pricing when finalizing, clarify what is included and what’s not, ask for extra charge if you’ll add certain shots/clips. If possible, get everything in writing

5. Usually it so happens that there is a different person in the event while you discussed all your shots with someone else, hence it doesn’t cost anything to ask who is going to film your wedding? Also, ask if the videographer you are going to hire has a team or he works solo.

6. If you have approached an agency and discussed you about your wedding to someone, and if your wedding is falling on a day where they have an order for another wedding, chances are another person may be assigned for to film your wedding, hence, ensure you will be having the same person shooting for your wedding with whom you have discussed from day one. 

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7. Ask your Videographer if he had shot at the venue where you wedding is, if he did not, arrange a meeting at the venue to tour him around so he can check anything specific is needed for perfect shots and moments.

8. One of the very important question to ask your videographer is their preferred style or ask if they are comfortable filming your wedding in your preferred style, for example if you want a documentary style, you will need documentarian videographer on the other hand if your preferred style is cinematic you need to have someone who is good at filming in this style. And to get a sense of style do ensure to see theory portfolio of the style you desire to have your wedding shoot in.

9. Some videographers have their own vision which could be at odds with your vision, hence discuss with your videographer what you are looking for in your wedding shoot. Also ask if they need any input from you so that the shoot runs smoothly with no hindrances.

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Captured moments of weddings thru Photographs can be hanged on the wall and fixed in album, while video captures the entire scene to reminisce, hence do consider having a photo & video shoot of your wedding.

Reviews from Elite’s Clients:

I had the best experience with ELITE Caterers. They lived up to their reputation & my expectations. I booked them for my wedding, being an Overseas Citizen I had few connections in Hyderabad and was not sure where to go for an excellent service, food, and taste at reasonable prices. Elite Caterers took that burden off my plate as I had a lot of preparations to do. The guests loved the taste, and the presentation of the food was more than presentable & satisfactory. I’d like to take this moment to give 5 stars for being very friendly & for giving an excellent service. Thanks.



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