Live Station Catering Ideas: 

Live Food Stations’ Catering has become quite popular these days. From small parties like birthday parties or housewarming parties to Wedding receptions, more and more people are opting for live food station catering because they want the best catering service for their event.

In live stations, one can opt for live food stations or live drink stations or a combination of both, and there can also be stations for live fun food like popcorn candy stalls, Ice cream stalls, etc. There are a ton of options when it comes to catering with live food stations for weddings & parties.

For the Indian crowd, you can include famous street food, for the foodies who relish non-veg, Kebab Counters, Grills, and Barbecue Stations are a great choice. For veg & south Indian food lovers, South Indian food stations like Dosa counters, and for the guests who love Chinese or Italian food, starters, noodles, and kinds of pasta are the go-to items.
Though more & more caterers in Hyderabad are offering live station catering, it is still considered an expensive affair. Having extra staff dedicated for each station with live cooking counters are the major reasons why live station catering is expensive.

Live Kabab Station

Chargrill live kabab station

Live Chargrill kabab station
Live Chargrill Sunehri kabab

Why should you have Live Food Stations?:

The question now is, should you consider Catering with Live Food Stations at your wedding reception or party? We at Elite Caterers suggest- No & Yes.

As it costs you a little higher, If you are on a limited budget then you better opt out of live stations for small party orders. However, if it is your wedding reception, we highly recommend you add 1 or 2 live food stations to your wedding party & make it a memorable affair.

Below are the top 5 reasons, why should you consider live station catering at your function:

  1. Live Food stations bring Creativity & adds culinary affair to your party
  2. Interactive food stations tend to be more social and allow the guests to mingle while enjoying the food
  3. Having a live station at your party will make your wedding a talk of the circle even after the function has ended, and will make those invitees who did not attend your wedding reception, feel regret.
  4. Live fun food stations, will add life to your wedding reception, with young and adults enjoying thoroughly and will keep them hooked to the food stations.
  5. Adding unique or innovative food dishes to your live station catering menu will bring some personality to your wedding menu.

Luqmi kabab in wedding dinner menu

With all these attractions, how can one not have this live station element at their Party? Be it a corporate function, a social party, or a wedding affair, people are looking to add some live action to their events through live stations. Live station catering carries other advantages too like dietary preferences can be taken into account, dish/item can be designed to suit one’s taste, Veg, spicy, tangy literally any preference can be accommodated and the right amount of flavors, one loves can be achieved.

So if you are one who likes to make your wedding reception a truly memorable experience for you and full of kind memories for your guests to take home then live station catering is the way to go.

Chargrill live kabab station

Live Food Station Ideas:

Now let’s discuss, some food station ideas you can consider at your wedding reception which will not put a hole in your pocket.
Hyderabadi weddings are more famously family-style seated dinners, and No wedding dinner is without Salad, Appetizers, and desserts. Now instead of serving these items on the dining table, allocating a corner of the dining hall for live food stations like Salad station, Kebab station & Desserts, will not cost you much, in fact, will add a flair to your dinner party. Let the guests turn around and fill their plates with a choice of salads (mix and match style), create their own platters, go back to their seats and munch, the main course can be served as usual, and when it’s time for desserts the guests are free to go tor respective dessert station and fill their bowls with the sweet delicacies.
If this idea of the part live food stations and part sit-down dinner does not fascinate you, then having regular food stations not costing much can be considered in addition to a regular seated dinner menu. Read on the following suggestions by Elite Caterers from their experience with the Clients.

1. Popcorn Stall:

Popcorn has always been a fun treat & a favorite of all. Adding Popcorn Stall as a live station to your wedding party will not cost you a bomb but definitely will draw crowds to the station. This can be served with different flavors & delicious toppings and is sure to be a hit among the young crowd.

2. Chaat Live Station:

From the streets of Mumbai and Hyderabad, you can add some chaat to your wedding reception. Who doesn’t have craving for Tangy chaat? These delicious & tempting savories do not cost you big, adding Papdi chaat or Dahi Bhalla & Pani Puri should be enough.

3. Candy Floss:

For people with a sweet tooth, candy floss is the best choice. Light like a feather, candy floss will not only be a hit with the kids but is sure to impress your adult guests too.

4. Assorted Fries Station:

For clients on a restricted budget, we suggest them have assorted fries stations. It doesn’t cost you much but having this in the live station will make your guests not miss the Kebabs counter. Kebabs can be served as a starter in the seated dinner. Fries are liked by kids & adults alike. Serve these fries in variations – deep-fried, air-fried, normal or spicy, and with a couple of dips. Your guests will simply love it. 

5. Paan Counter:

Most loved item at any wedding is the Paan, Paan is a staple item at Hyderabadi wedding being served for decades now. Why not add the Paan as a live station at your wedding? Guests after having their meal can go to the Paan Station and custom order with flavors as desired. Saada Paan, sweet Gulkand Paan, Fire Paan, Ice Paan and even chocolate Paan are most preferred at weddings.

Live Paan Counter

6. Milk Shakes:

Another addition to your live counter can be different milk shakes along with or without mocktails. Having mocktails at wedding parties has become common nowadays, adding shakes & smoothies will be a new attraction at your reception.

Now let’s discuss some of the high end stations you might want to consider at your wedding reception. 

7. Barbecue & Kebabs as Live Food Stations:

Barbecue & Kebabs undoubtedly rule the live food station/counters. From Paneer Seekhs in vegetarian catering to succulent chicken or meat kebabs in Non-veg, every kebab is like a heavenly delight in itself. Since having live kebab stations, instantly adds value to your wedding reception catering, it definitely is a costly affair.

Prices can highly vary depending on the choice of meat and type of Kebab. For example, a Gosht Seekh will be highly expensive than a chicken sizzler and a prawn starter will be costlier than the Seekh. Considering the cost aspect, most people opt for serving starters at the main course than having live stationed.

Pathar Ka Gosht Live Station

8. Assorted Fruit Station:

More & more people are turning to healthy food these days. Adding a station of assorted fruits / cut fresh fruits should be on your list if most of your invitees are health conscious. A colorful spread of fresh-cut fruits will definitely light up the eyes of your guests and is a great idea to add to your wedding.

9. Dedicated Live Food Stations for Children:

We are sure, adding a food station dedicated for kids with a mix of finger foods cheesy sticks, corn sticks, potato twisters or French fries, mash potatoes, etc. are going to be hit at your wedding and will make you an instant favorite of the kids.

11. Ice Cream Station:

Lately very famous in Hyderabadi weddings is the famous Turkish ice cream & Stone Ice cream. We all know, ice cream is one such thing which no one can easily refuse. Young or adults have a sweet tooth for ice cream. Adding a Turkish or Stone Ice cream station will definitely add class to your party. But again, it’s a costly affair. 

Add some of these fantastic delicacies as Live Food Stations will ensure you are going to entice all the appetites at your wedding party. Let your guests leave the dinner party with and grateful belly and a beaming smile.

Get on a call with us to discuss the best catering service for your wedding reception.

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