Live Station For Kids’ Party Catering: 

Planning to throw a party for your kid & the little friends? Cakes, Ice cream or Sweets are common, how about adding some live stations to make the party a memorable affair for your kid and friends.
Kids enjoy a variety of foods, so opt for the spread of food with multiple Live stations.
We bet the fun party foods we are suggesting as Live Stations, the kids will love. So, before you opt for Kids’ Party Catering; read our post for live station ideas to include in the menu.

Tiffins Live Counter:

Cheese Dosa, Masala Dosa, Paneer Dosa, Button Idly, Button Vada, Medu Vada, Idly, Ghee Idly, Mysore Bhajji, and a lot more can be served in the South Indian Live Station. Prepared live and served hot with chutney and sambar – your guests will remember the party for a long time.

Chargrill live kabab station

Chinese Live Station:

Chinese counter is also crowded as many people prefer Chinese food too. Veg Noodles, Chicken Noodles, Egg Noodles, Veg Fried Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, Egg Fried Rice, Veg Manchurian for Vegans, Chicken 65, Veg Spring Rolls For Vegans, Chicken Spring Rolls and so on; you have ample amount of options to choose from. If you opted for seafood with your caterer and chose a line of them, then; the Prawns’ Fried Rice, Apollo Fish, Fried Prawns, Chilly Prawns, etc. are made live and served as on request.

Chargrill live kabab station

Live Pasta Station:

Deliciously amazing pasta dishes with original sauces, Spaghetti/ Farfalle/ Penne/ Fussilini/ Fettuccini/ Conchigle along with options for sauce and vegetables of your choice can be served to your guests as live Station.

Live Chaat Counter:

Chaat is a savory snack that originated in India. It is usually served as snacks, at roadside tracks from stalls or food carts all across India. Chaat has become a jamming food in events and parties of the Indian families.

Everyone likes chaat varieties. Especially kids like it the most, chaat live stall is very much suitable for all occasions like weddings, receptions, birthday parties and corporate parties.

Pani Poori, Sev Poori, Bhel Poori, Ragda Patties, Gol Gappas, Dahi Chaat, Dahi Paapdi Chaat, Samosa Chaat, And Kachori Chaat are served in the chaat counter. It’s usually crowded because most kids and young people too prefer chaat a lot.


Chargrill live kabab station

Mocktail Counter:

Gives your guests a perfect welcoming. With a choice of mocktails, guests and children can have fun choosing and mixing the kind of drinks they want. Anything which is cold and sweet is always a big hit for any party. It adds distinctively spanking new and chic surprise to your events, parties, and weddings. The Mocktail Station or counters serve usual flavors like a mojito, blue sea, strawberry, litchi, kiwi, guava, etc.

Cream Stone Ice Cream Counter:

One dessert that is sure to please all of your guests is ice cream. You can melt your guest’s hearts and make their mouths water. This frozen dessert will appeal to all of your guests. But this delicacy will cost you dearly as Cream Stone Ice Cream is the most expensive in the town these days and is very much in demand as well. So don’t miss out on adding Live Cream Stone Counter at your party and woo your guests.

Chargrill live kabab station

Fruit Salad and Fruit Chaat Live Station:

Who doesn’t like fruits? For the health benefits & their deliciousness consider adding a live station of fresh-cut fruits – Local & exotic. Fruit salad and fruit chaat live stall or live counter are very much suitable for all occasions like weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, etc.

Fruit salad live stall has a variety of cut fresh fruits. Some of them are apple, pineapple, papaya, watermelon, grapes, kiwi, guava, mango, muskmelon, etc. Seasonal fruits are served if you select any.

Chargrill live kabab station

Spring Potato Live Counter:

Spring potatoes or twist potatoes or tornado fries are deep-fried. Whole potatoes are peeled and pierced on a skewer and then cut spirally so that it looks spiral, and then brushed with various seasonings such as onion, or cheese. For variation sometimes sausages are added as a stuffing in between.

Popcorn Live Counter:

Popcorn is everyone’s favorite, be it elders, adults, or kids. Popcorn is made live and served hot. We’re sure kids will make a lot of turns to this very stall. Easy to prepare and loved by all. It will definitely make the wedding or any event a memorable for a lifetime. You can even consider adding Sweet Corn Live station, which is best for kids’ gatherings like Birthday Parties, It’s easy to prepare and loved by all.

Chargrill live kabab station

Cotton Candy or Candy Floss Live Stall or Live Counter:

Come on, don’t lie that you don’t love candies. Cotton candy or Candy Floss is liked by almost everyone. Kids are on the top of the list to eat it over and over again. It’s made live and served on a stick.

Satisfy your guests’ craving for some sweet with this light like a feather Cotton Candy. It’s very much suitable for all occasions like weddings, receptions, corporate and birthday parties.

Fast Food Counter:

French fries: There is no age limit for enjoying French fries. Age is just a number when it comes to French Fries! Once you like it, becomes a forever favorite.

Burger & Pizzas: Burgers & Pizzas are a hot favorite of children, young adults, and even some members of the elderly clan. Instead of standard-sized burgers, small bite-sized burgers or Pocket Pizza can be served to reduce any form of wastage.

Sweets Live Stall or Live Counter:

It’s rightly said that nothing can beat Indian sweets. With the perfect amount of sweetness – Indian sweets are a must-have at any Indian wedding! Give an ample number of options to your guests with a big counter dedicated to Indian Sweets like Kaju Katli, Rasgulla, Coconut Barfi, Laddu, Jalebi, and many more.

Live food stations or food stalls at any event add more zing and a unique aura and make it even more special. Uplifting the ambiance of the entire food area or food court these food courts or stalls or live stations add a trendy vibe to your events. Setting up this service is a must for a cool and jamming vibe, which is why we have listed some uniquely happening and trendy live food stations that you can have at your weddings or any of your custom events. The kids’ snack stalls are the star of the show as well as eye-catching and clingy.


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