Checklist to reduce the pandemic affect when hosting a function/party at home!


  1. Host an intimate party, cut-down your guest list as much as possible.
  2.  Do live streaming for guests who cannot not attend in person, this way you’ll save yourself & them not only from the effect of Covid but also the relatives who skipped your event can also be a part of your memorable moments virtually.
  3.  Despite reducing the guest list if the count still crosses 50 (as per Govt. norms), instead of cancelling the function altogether consider hosting the function in batches with an interval of 2-3hours. Or split them over lunch & dinner.
  4.  Ensure the venue is well ventilated & normal temperature avoiding discomfort of guests (no sweat or perspiration).
  5.  Be contactless as much as possible.
  6.  Stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms’ length) from other people.
  7.  Sanitize the common areas & high-touch points frequently.
  8.  Follow the thermal screening process for everyone including guests & staff of those supporting your event.
  9.  Arrange UV hand sanitation stations at multiple locations.
  10.  Use Mist fans as sanitizer sprays at entrance.
  11.  Provide gloves, face masks / full-face shields.
safety measures to be followed in parties during pandemic
  1. Use disposable crockery & cutlery to limit the risk of Covid, if you prefer to use the regular one, wash it thoroughly before every use.
  2.  Make masks & Gloves compulsory in dining section.
  3.  Keep enough gloves & tissues in the Dining area.
  4.  Arrange adequate trash bins in dining area so guests can easily dispose their used tissues & gloves.
  5.  Organize the seats following social distancing norms.
  6.  Limit guests to the greatest extent possible in the dining hall, send them in batches.
  7.  Ensure food is cooked taking utmost precaution & Hygiene.
  8.  Serve superior quality food so that immunity isn’t compromised.
  9.  Hire reputed caterers who are following Hygiene & safety guidelines.

As per UNICEF, in clothes containing plastic and metal elements Covid Virus can live for few hours to several days, therefore exercise caution & common sense.

  1.  Advise guests to remove shoes/sandals before entering your home.
  2.  Wash towels, Bedsheets, Sofa covers, table-top covers, your clothing without much delay after the guests have left.
  3.  Wash / disinfect the laundry bag as well.
Advisory Notes:
  1. Display /Precautionary signs boards at interaction points esp. at building entrance, lift, door, rest rooms, dining etc.
  2. Plan ways to limit in-person contact for staff supporting your events.
  3. Advise your guests to refrain from attending event if they’re feeling unwell.
  4.  Encourage guests to adopt responsible practices.


  1. Avoid hugs, handshakes, close contact / interaction.
  2.  No physical touch by any means.
  3.  Avoid touching own eyes, nose, and mouth.
  4.  Do not gather in groups.
  5.  Do not Risk health by compromising on quality of food, remember Your family’s and guests’ immunity is at stake.
  6.  Do not share drinks, or double dipping etc.
  7.  And avoid foods that require you to use your hands to distribute.

Most importantly, relax! All of us are in this together, remember this too shall pass!

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