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Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Party:

Entertaining others in our home with great food and good company brings us so much joy but as a seasoned caterer, we know planning any part is not so easy when you go deep into it. Food alone requires menu to decide, shopping, meals to cook, entertaining the guests, serving the food, clean-up once the party is over etc. and this is just for the food part, if we consider all aspects of the party like venue, décor, entertainment etc, the to-do list will seem endless. So in summary hosting the party in actual is kind of complicated affair. 

Parties are for fun and entertainment with friends & family, and the most important thing is getting to spend quality time with them, which at seems to be compromised when you are hosting an all DIY Party. That said, we have got some ideas based on our years of experience to make your party a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

1. Determine the Guest Count:

The very first thing for you is to decide the number of guests for the party, nd check if you can accommodate this crowd at your home or you need to book a banquet hall for the party. With the current setup of Flat system, hosting the party at the flat makes the set-up bit congested, there’re a lot of party banquet halls in Hyderabad for small parties, you can easily get one.

Hosting a party in the banquet hall comes with its own benefits like you get experienced staff, you need not worry for lighting and overall ambience asper your party theme, Parking is taken care-off, clean & maintained, with AC option, dining hall set-up etc, hence going with banquet instead of hosting at home will save you lots of time & efforts.

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Dining table at Wedding Venue Hyderabad

 2. Plan The Menu:

When planning the menu accommodate the guests with special preferences. Like If someone doesn’t eat sea food, add chicken & meat starters. For Green lovers, arrange hearty veggies. If someone doesn’t or can’t drink cool drinks, why not arrange fresh drinks or even soft drinks for them to enjoy. The same goes for any other food or drink restrictions, in summary just ensure everyone is be able to enjoy the party.


 3. Vendors:

When we prefer the best in everything, why not hire professionals for the Party! A professional Party planner or caterer, photographer or Decorator will take the responsibility off your shoulder and ensure the party is executed with perfection.

4. Do Not Forget the Kids:

If you’re expecting kids at your party, set-up some fun activities to keep the kids busy. Games, fun activities, or even just having a dedicated children area will keep them occupied.

Salads spread in valima dinner catering menu

 5. Start The Party Right-away:

Nobody likes waiting around, if part of the guests has arrived and most have not, still it’s nice to go ahead with the party and welcome the guests with snacks and drinks as they keep coming. Let those arrived already feel more comfortable digging into the delicious and welcome drinks & appetizers.

welcome drinks for hyderabad catering

6. Do Not Leave Your Guests Hanging:

If it’s a DIY party with food being cooked by you, don’t leave the guests just on their own while you in the kitchen best is to alternate int the kitchen & the party hall so at least one of you is always with your guests.

If its feasible, best is to hire a catering company with full service option, the caterer has a team of professional waiters & servers so you’d need not make rounds b/w the dining and the kitchen, thus leaving you with the guests.

welcome drinks for hyderabad catering

7. Clean up, clean up: 

If the Party is at home ensure before the party the dishwasher is empty and ready for filling as soon the party is over, this will make clean-up so much faster.

8. Get the party started:

The party attitude starts with you! Don’t take things too seriously, simply stay relaxed and cheerful. Set aside some time for yourself to relax and recharge your batteries before the party starts so by the time your guests arrive, you’re ready to have fun! Remember, it’s not only about your guests but you enjoying the party as well.

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