Tips for Making Business Catering Affordable:

Having a professional caterer for your Business Catering will save you from hassle of managing the food part. The caterer will deliver the food, set up, provide all the necessary service items and clean up when you’re done. And this will ensure that you’ll look like a highly professional organization which cares enough about the wellbeing of the staff.

Following our effective tips will keep your catering costs to minimum.

Menu Options:

Catering Cost depends on cost of ingredients & the labour cost (time & effort the caterer must invest in preparation). Some dishes involve less expensive ingredients, or less time consuming & labour-some, which eventually reduces the cost. For ex. Meat options are more expensive than chicken & Seafood. And Live Kabab stations which require high labour than sit-down dinner.

Type of Catering Service:

Having buffet-style catering can prove cost effective, as it minimizes the staff to handle the event. The caterer will bring buffet tables, chafing dishes and set it up on the buffet line. Your staff can conveniently serve themselves with serving portions as they want.


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Working on Budget?:

If you’re on budget, inform your caterer that you’re working on limited budget. A professional caterer will recommend low cost menus and not just that the caterer will advise the strategies to help you save money.

Order what you need:

Usually, the companies order more food than what’s required for obvious reason of not falling short on food for the staff. Inform your caterer about the no. of staff attending the event, a professional caterer will determine appropriate quantity required at your event. Trust, the caterer will ensure your staff is fully fed.

A professional caterer like Elite Caterers knows exactly how to make your event a success. We’ll ensure as stress-free as possible.

As Hyderabad’s preferred corporate caterer, we have the right knowledge and expertise to make your event a success, no matter what your budget is.

Contact Elite Caterers to learn more about how our business catering services can enhance your next company event.

Reviews from Elite’s Clients:

It was a nice experience with Elite Caterers. Both the quality and quantity of the food were good. Our entire staff enjoyed the food as the taste was too good. I really appreciate great service extended by Elite Caterers.



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